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Icebreaker Games for Small Groups

These great icebreaker games for small groups will really do just that: break the ice. If you really want to get your guests talking and getting to know each other (which is especially important if they're mostly strangers), the best way to do it is by getting them to laugh! To play before, during, and after a dinner party, we have some great icebreaker games for small groups of 3-20 people.

Playing an Icebreaker Party Game

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The Lie Detector Game

Summary and Supplies: This game is a great way for people in a mixed group to get to know each other-- and to get laughing and talking happily, even if they're strangers. This doesn't work particularly well with groups of close friends, as everybody will be able to spot the lies, but it's one of the best icebreaker games for small groups of people who don't know each other well. No supplies are needed.

The Game

  • Some time before the day of the party (or on the invitation) ask each guest to come to the party with three statements about themselves, one which is a lie and two which are true. They should be sure that the lie doesn't stand out as too unbelievable.

  • During the party, the guests will take turns to say their self-statements. All should be presented as true.

  • After each person uses their statements, the group should decide together (by voting-- very democratic) which of the three statements is a lie. Afterwards, the speaker will give more information about the lie-- and the true statements. A great way for your guests to get to know each other!

The Celebrity Couple Party Game

Summary and Supplies: As far as icebreaker games for small groups go, this is one of the liveliest and most fun ways to start a party. All you need is a good knowledge of celebrity couples, a pen, and a stack of post-it notes.

The Game

  • Before the party begins, take the time to write out the post-it notes. On each note should be written one-half of a celebrity couple. For example, one might say Brad Pitt and another Angelina Jolie.

  • As each person arrives at the party, you (or somebody else assigned to do it) should stick one celebrity post-it note on their back without allowing them to see it.

  • The goal of this icebreaker party game is for each guest to find their celebrity match-- by finding out which celebrity they themselves are. To do this, each guest may ask the others yes or no questions about their identity until they figure out who they are.

Alteration: You can also instruct guests to treat each person as the celebrity name on their post-it to help speed up the process. The wacky conversations and sometimes physical antics that stem from this are pretty fun to watch!

Note: This is one of those great icebreaker games for small groups of any kind-- even those that don't follow celebrity gossip. So don't limit yourself to real-life celebrity couples. Change it up by adding couples such as "Yogi and Bobo," "Romeo and Juliet," or even "milk and cookies" -- there's no limit to how silly you can make your guests look.

Playing the No Game Dinner Party Icebreaker

The "No" Party Game

Summary and Supplies: This is one of the most rowdy icebreaker games for small groups you can play-- and the competition can get vicious, so watch out! This is a great one to play during a cocktail party or while guests nibble appetizers at a dinner party. To play, you need one necklace (such as a lei or beads), or tag on a string or clothespin for each player. In this example we'll use leis.

The Game

  • Each guest is given a lei when they arrive and is instructed to put it on.
  • The goal of the game is to collect as may leis as possible by stealing/winning them from other guests. To do this, you must get another guest to say the word "no." Yep, that simple.
  • To get a guest to say the word "no," the players must ask questions or make statements which would make the player give a negative answer. If a player (the answerer) forgets to go around the word "no", he or she must give their lei to the person who got them to say it (the asker).
  • If you have lost your lei, you may continue to play, ask questions, and collect leis.
  • The winner is the person who has collected the most leis by the end of a predetermined period. They can win a prize if you wish, such as a bottle of wine or leftover dessert.

Note:You can choose whether or not to allow the word "know" to be used for this game-- both ways are fun. It's pretty interesting to see the lengths lei-less players will go to get leis from winning players-- especially as the game progresses. The hilariously convoluted things your guests will say in order to keep from having to say the word "no" make this one of the best icebreaker games for small groups.

The Press Conference Party Game

Summary and Supplies: You don't need anything to play this simple party game but a wicked sense of humor and a rowdy group. This is one of those icebreaker games for small groups of strangers-- it's great for getting people to laugh together at a dinner party.

The Game

  • One guest is sent from the room (this can be during dinner itself, or before and after). Those who are left decide who the absent guest will be when he/she returns-- they will hold a press conference.
  • When the player returns, the other guests will ask him or her questions that would be appropriate to the person he or she is supposed to be. Guests should try to be creative and pointed in their questions to help the player figure out their character.
  • You can either set a time limit for each player to be "interviewed" or allow the game to play out naturally.

Note: This is also fun to play secretly. That is, during a party, whenever somebody gets up from the table to use the bathroom or leaves the room for any reason, assign them a character while they're away and start the "press conference" when they return-- without them knowing what's going on.

The Movie Buff Party Game

Summary and Supplies: This is one of those icebreaker games for small groups (of 3 or more) that only movie buffs will play. So if you have a group of movie lovers, this is a great way to get them talking about their favorite films, actors, and actresses. You do not need any supplies for this icebreaker party game.

The Game

  • One player begins by saying the name of an actor or actress. Going clockwise, the next guest must name a movie that stars that actor or actress. Simple, right? Don't worry... it gets complicated.
  • The next person at the table has to name an actor or actress that co-starred with the first actor or actress mentioned in that same movie.
  • The next person in line has to name another movie starring the actor just named. The person after them must name a co-star in that same movie.
  • Actors, actresses, or movies may be mentioned more than once, but not the same combination. For example, it's okay to say Goldie Hawn twice, but not for the same movie.
  • If a guest can't think of a movie title/actor, he or she must pass. If everybody passes, the person who gave the last correct answer receives a point. For a bonus point, they can try to come up with the next correct response.
  • The person who won the previous round begins again with a new actor.
  • The game ends either at a predetermined time, or when any guest has won a predetermined number of points, about 3-5.
Film ReelGameplay Example:
Guest 1: Golide Hawn
Guest 2: Overboard
Guest 3: Kurt Russell
Guest 4: Stargate
Guest 5: James Spader
Guest 6: Two Days in the Valley
Guest 7: Ah! I've never even heard of that movie.
Other Guests: Eek! Me neither.

Guest 6 wins one point. If he/she can name another actor/actress in Two Days in the Valley, he wins a bonus point.

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