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Icebreaker Party Game: "Have You Ever?"

by Maria

Have You Ever?

A fun icebreaker party game for large groups or small ones.

Equipment needed: a small container for each table; 10 pennies or discs for each player; a series of questions (written individually - or on one page). A moderator.

You can play this with a group of up to 100 or more people (about 25-40 is great) This is a game that fills in time at a function; it gets people laughing; it lets people learn a little bit about their neighbours and colleagues without being intrusive.

First: Make a list of questions that can be answered yes or no. Second give each player 10 pennies or small discs to be used as their "bank". The more pennies they have, the longer the game will take.

You can either have one person read the questions or have each question written on a slip of paper and have them numbered. People would each draw one number. Then the leader of the game would call out the numbers in sequence and the person holding that number would read their question aloud. OR your moderator can read each question from a written page one at a time.

Some ideas of questions are: Have you ever washed an elephant?; Have you ever skipped school?; Have you ever looked for your glasses when they were on the top of your head?; Have you ever had a part of your body pierced?; Have you ever had a penpal?; Have you ever been on a hot-air ballooon ride? Have you ever been in a car accident? Have you ever seen a ghost?

You should have a few more questions that would fit the "no" category than the yes category, because each time a person answers yes - they must take a penny from their bank and throw it in the "pot". When a player is out of pennies they must sit down.

OBJECT: Last person standing wins!
A lot of fun at banquets or house parties.

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