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6 Ideas for Easter Decorations
and Making Table Decorations

Ideas for Easter decorations can be found on nearly every magazine cover and at craft supply stores everywhere... but of course you want your table to look unique! It's a special time of year and your family deserves that little something extra that says "I want this celebration to be truly special."

1. Find Ideas in the Past

Think of the Easter memories that mean the most to you and use these inspirations for making Easter table decorations. Memories of pretty Easter Sunday clothing, Easter baskets or deep swaths of purple will give you elements to incorporate into a meaningful centerpiece for your family. Answer the question for yourself – what is it about Easter that makes you want to celebrate?

2. Create Photo Egg Place Settings for Easter

Photo Eggs Decorations for EasterEaster is such a family holiday! Why not celebrate your family by making picture eggs? Easter picture eggs are one of my favorite ideas for Easter decorations. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is a family memory and a picture combined?

Like the idea of making Easter table decorations? Look through your favorite pictures from past Easter holidays. Select one image of each guest and cut them into 1 1/2" ovals using picture editing software or copy them and cut the circles by hand. Better yet, ask your family for their best Easter images and reduce the workload.

These pictures can then be printed or copied onto special paper that creates rub-on decals. Typically these are used for scrapbooking but they will work just fine on your favorite dyed eggs. These can be nested in front of a place setting with pretty little egg cups, small sponges sprouting rye grass seeds (leave a small dimple to cradle the egg) or even tiny paper or wicker Easter baskets. Such a pretty and thoughtful idea for Easter decorations!

3. Make the Wall Your Centerpiece

Decorative Egg Wall Art Decoration
If tasty food takes up too much of your table to really use a centerpiece, try creating a collage of magazine images, personal pictures, stamps or colorful papers to inspire Easter celebration in your guests. Typical symbols of Easter include eggs, rabbits, baby animals, baskets and lilies. Easter is often covered in pastel colors and rich colors alike, but don't feel limited. Pick a palette of two or three colors and stick to it.

Elegant Easter Wall-Art:Or go for a simple Easter decorating theme --like the Easter eggs pictured, or chicks or bunnies-- and cut out fabric or paper pieces in pastel colors using a stencil. Glue onto thin Styrofoam or thick cardboard, and place on the wall with lots of white space in between.

This is one of my favorite ideas for Easter decorations when you're short on space-- like in a small apartment with a small dining table!

4. Make Your Meal Decorative

Easter Bunny Cake Decoration Table Centerpiece IdeaIf crafts aren't your best talent, never fear. Your ideas for Easter decorations don't need to be limited to crafts made from paper or glue. You can decorate with foods too!

Consider displaying your deviled eggs on individual green paper plates with strips of paper for basket handles. The outside leaves of Brussels sprouts or smaller cabbages/lettuces will allow your delightful half eggs to nestle inside. Food decorations also mean less stuff to store later.

My favorite idea for making Easter table decorations? Whip up a batch of these adorable Easter bunny cakes, and group two or three of them together on a tray for a decorative Easter centerpiece!

Even if you are traveling for Easter dinner ask if you can help by adding a few of your own ideas for Easter decorations. Pick up pre-made cupcakes (preferably with white or green icing) to create edible Easter baskets. They you can dot on candy eggs and string licorice for a handle. Or make your own Easter basket cupcakes with this recipe!

5. Go Creatively Floral

Creative Floral Display for Making Easter Table DecorationsFlowers can take center stage at Easter, but they are much more flexible than you might realize. Ditch the typical vase of flowers for blooms cut short and tall. These flowers can be placed in florist foam that has been covered in a solid contrasting fabric. You will need to use a craft knife to cut small slits in the fabric before inserting the flowers.

Also think outside the box when it comes to Easter flower decorating. Has spring sprung in your part of the world? Go out and clip small branches off of flowering trees, and decorate with eggs and other Easter ornaments. Pick a bunch of daisies or wildflowers and put them in a rustic vase. Buy potted flowers and display in an Easter basket.

Flowers don't have to be expensive to be a fun and elegant idea for Easter decorations.

6. Make an Easter Grass Display

Easter Decoration Basket with Grass IdeaI think some of the most elegant ideas for Easter decorations tend to be the simplest. I love this Easter "grass" homemade Easter decoration! You start off with florists' foam. Florists' foam can be shaped any way you want. About 10 days before Easter, shape this foam as low rolling hills (or even a bunny or other Easter shape). Then wet the foam and coat the wet foam with rye grass seeds. When these sprout in about 4-5 days (ready in ten days) they will form a creative backdrop for your dyed eggs, Easter figurines and flowers of all sizes.

If you want to add fresh flowers to your Easter grass display, the fresh flowers should go into the foam the day of your dinner and the foam must be kept very wet.

The real grass Easter basket: A simpler version of this project? Fill a wicker basket with soil and plant your grass about 10 days before the holiday. Then you have a real grass Easter basket decoration like the one pictured! Or make mini baskets with real grass and use them as creative Easter place settings.

The Best Easter Decorations

Even simple decorations using a white table cloth and flowers or Easter eggs scattered in between your dishes can create a magnificent look for your Easter table. Never underestimate the power of height in display. Use upside down dishes to raise your creations up or place eggs in tall martini glasses. Ideas for Easter decorations only need to be thoughtful and fun... they don't have to be perfect!

Find Easter dinner recipes, menus, and more ideas for Easter decorations right here!

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