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Ideas for Easter Egg Hunt
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Planning a hunt? Your family will enjoy these great ideas for Easter egg hunt fun... and you'll discover a few ways to simplify the planning process at the same time.

These ideas for an Easter egg hunt work well with both colored Easter eggs and plastic ones. If you need some tips on getting colored Easter eggs ready or want to plan some more Easter games, check out:

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

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Setting Up the Hunt: The Egg-Hunting Field

Inside or Outside? Consider the space for the egg hunt and the group of children who will be attending. Indoor and outdoor spaces are both great good ideas for Easter egg hunt locations. They both offer different advantages, and different challenges.

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Tips

Protect Your Privacy. If you let a dozen kids loose in your home to hunt for Easter eggs, be sure you've considered your privacy! Have things you'd rather keep private? It may be a good idea to make the adults' bedroom(s) off-limits... and put up a sign saying so!

Hide Creatively. Indoor Easter egg hunts require a bit of extra ingenuity when it comes to hiding eggs. Some creative spaces that work well for eggs are:

  • Inside of cabinets
  • On the underside of chairs (use tape)
  • In a stuffed animal's grasp
  • Inside pillowcases
  • Replacing the lightbulb in a lamp
  • Inside mugs and pots in the kitchen

Egg hunts inside work particularly well if you draw a map of the house and hidden eggs to create a treasure map. Or provide clues inside of hollow, plastic eggs

Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt Tips

Safety First! Outdoor spaces will need to be checked to make sure that nearby roads or other hazards are kept separate from the kids-- think of any hazards that might be particular to your home --exposed sharp objects, covered wells, etc.-- and use them to think of good ideas for Easter egg hunt safety.

Consider the Weather. Spring rains may try to interfere with your plans and ideas for Easter egg hunts outside, so have an alternative site in mind. Younger children will do better in a smaller space while older children do better with lots of room to run. Whether indoors or out, announce the rules of the egg hunt and set clear boundaries to keep everyone safe.

Keep it Fair for Older and Younger Kids

You can have a lot of great ideas for Easter egg hunts, but if the hunt isn't set up in a fair way, the little ones won't have a whole lot of fun.

Separate their Hunting Space

Kids of different ages have varying levels of ability to hunt and leap so separate them to hunt into different areas. You can use the front and back yard or put little kids in an open field and the older kids hunting along the edges. Inside a building you can use hallways and rooms to separate age groups.

Different Egg, Different Age

Empty baskets can leave a sad shadow on your Easter egg hunt! A few ideas for Easter egg hunt fairness can avoid this trap, however. Think about using a lot of different colors and sizes of eggs to your advantage.

Different Sized Eggs. Separate the kids into three age groups and have them hunt for eggs that are small, medium or large. Little ones will have an easier time seeking out the larger eggs. Big kids will enjoy the challenge of finding smaller eggs and might just learn that good things come in small packages. A bonus? This idea for an Easter egg hunt also helps you put age appropriate toys into each egg.

Different Colored Eggs. If you only have one size egg, never fear. You can use one color per age group or child. Another variation on a traditional egg hunt is to have children hunt for the rainbow. Assign each child to find one egg from each color in the rainbow. You should have an example of the eggs for the kids to use as a reference.

Place Limits. Limit the number of eggs a child can keep if you want each child to be sure of getting a fair share. If a child finds more than their share have them hide the eggs for the others or even help another hunter along. You can even plan to offer "good eggs" to kids who show good spirit and sportsmanship in the hunt. This works best if you keep these eggs a secret.

Ideas for Easter Egg Hunts: Inside the Egg

Want to make your Easter egg hunt a ton of fun? Instead of candy in the eggs, kids will adore small clues leading to the next egg, temporary tattoos, or stickers. For a personal touch, tuck gift certificates for tickets to a play or sporting event in the eggs. Or make your own certificates for a free day from chores or a week of double allowance. Better yet, give each child the chance to have a one on one tea with Mom or a special breakfast with Dad.

Special Touches and Creative Ideas for Easter Egg Hunts

1. Number One Bunny. Have a special toy prize for kids who show their "best bunny form" during the hunt. Each child should hop in order to move toward their eggs. This has the added benefit of slowing down the egg hunt and getting everybody laughing. The focus will be less on "getting" and more on having fun.

2. "Bunny" Bags. Prepare small bags beforehand with kid names and seasonal stickers. Guests can use these bags and take their bounty home without taking the plastic eggs.

3. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt. Treasure maps don't always lead to candy. Sometimes they lead to signs of spring. Kids can hunt for spring with pictures of sprouting grass, bird nests or flowers. For older children use a map where ‘x' marks the spot or a scavenger hunt list of spring clues.

The best way to have a great day is to keep your ideas for Easter egg hunt simple... and be willing to go with the flow and have fun!

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