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10 Ideas for Homemade Valentines Gifts:
Get Creative!

When you're on a tight budget, ideas for homemade Valentines gifts can be the perfect solution.

While expensive gifts provide flash and fanfare, handmade items and simple romantic gestures speak of thoughtfulness and taking the time to do something unique. The fact that homemade items aren't "cookie cutter" is what sets them apart from commercial products-- and makes them super special.

These ideas for homemade Valentines gifts are pretty simple and don't require a lot of fuss. But if you want to do something really simple but heartfelt this year, I've got a whole page full of Romantic Gestures and Homemade Gifts with no assembly required.

10 Fuss-Free Homemade Valentine Gifts

One word of caution. Deciding to make homemade Valentines gifts not only takes a little consideration to come up with the right item, but you'll also need some private time to put it together. Give yourself enough leeway to get the job done without rushing and having to hide the evidence. It's supposed to be a surprise, after all!

1. Like a Rock

Painted Rock Homemade Romantic Gift IdeaIs your love for your partner as solid as stone? One of my favorite ideas for homemade Valentines gifts is to express that feeling with a fun art project! Go outside and collect some flat, small stones. Paint them in bright colors and then write words of love on them with paint markers-- or words that sum up what you love about your partner. If you put this collection in a bowl you can make sentences or just pull out one that expresses your feelings at the spur of the moment. Plus, they look pretty!

A variation on this idea for a spouse or live-in partner is painting large, flat rocks for use as stepping stones in your yard or garden. Be sure to use outdoor paint so words and color don't fade away, and opt for natural colors or colors that will coordinate with your outdoor decor. Then lead your partner blindfolded into the yard or garden to present your gift.

2. Personalize It

Homemade Clock Gift to Make for ValentinesWhether your partner loves butterflies, Spider-Man, WWII history, or Italian wine, there's always a gift out there personalized for them... especially if you use this idea for homemade Valentines gifts!

If you're not a crafty person, you've probably never tried decoupage. But it's one of the simplest projects you can do-- and all you really need is white school glue, a paintbrush, and a little water. Then just Google the directions. Simple and cheap!

Pick up an item that your partner would like or need --a lunch box, an end table, a funky clock, a lamp, a jewelry box, etc.-- from a thrift store, or even use one they already have (but don't already love, obviously). Then with some butterfly wrapping paper, some copies of (or originals) Italian wine labels, or beat up old Spider-Man comics, make that item into something that's all about your partner.

3. Make a Kite

If you're looking for ideas for homemade Valentines gifts but can't think of something in particular your partner would like, I love the idea of making a homemade kite. The supplies are inexpensive, and a kite itself is surprisingly easy to make (if you do a Google search, you'll have your pick of designs and instructions). You can make something romantic, something personalized, something silly... or just something that you know your partner will love.

I love this idea because kites are fun, whimsical, and unexpected-- a gift your partner will probably remember for years. Especially if you get a bottle of wine and picnic blanket, and take your kite out to fly together when the good weather arrives.

4. Tie Dye!

Fun Tie Dye Project for a Homemade Gift for ValentinesYep, I said Tie Dye. And, nope, it's not 1974. But if you remember doing these sorts of projects in school or with your family as a kid, you know how fun making tie dye is. My favorite variation on this idea for a homemade Valentines gift? Buy all the supplies --dyes, rubber bands, plain t-shirts, scarves, or whatever-- and do it together as a Valentine's project. Have fun with it and do something silly-- you can tie-dye socks, pillow cases, even sheets!

Tie Dye not your thing? A fun variation on this is buying t-shirts, fabric paints, glue, and other decorations, and making silly "I love you" Valentine's t-shirts for each other. A fun idea that will result in something you'll keep (if not wear) forever... and a really fun Valentines Day activity, too!

5. Homemade Candies

Homemade Truffles Recipe for Valentines GiftsCandies are a Valentine gift idea that always goes over well. Who doesn't like chocolate? But that "box of candy" has also become a Valentine's cliché. The best way to beat that cliché-- and one of the simplest, cheapest ideas for homemade Valentines gifts? Make the candy yourself.

Whip up a batch of chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolatey truffles, or other tasty homemade candies, and present them to your partner in a pretty tin or a box. Making them homemade ups the romance factor and takes the cheesiness factor down a notch. Plus, homemade is always tastier.

You can find some good ideas for homemade Valentine candies to make here. The page is about Easter candy, but the recipes can be adapted to any shape to make any time of year.

6. Homemade Bath Salts

This is one of those ideas for homemade Valentines gifts that women will love-- so guys, this might be a fun one to make for your partners. Or a great one for a mother, sister, aunt, or friend. It's personalized, it's easy, and it looks great. All you need is:

  • A Pretty Bottle or Jar with Stopper (new or well-washed)
  • Epsom Salts (these are ultra cheap)
  • Food Coloring
  • Perfume or Essential Oil

Fill your container with Epsom salts to measure the amount needed, then pour those salts into a glass bowl. Add food coloring as needed to get a color you like (they won't get really bright, most likely), and mix well to distribute it evenly. Then add in your scent of choice (essential oils are wonderful for this, and come in every scent under the sun-- choose your lady's favorite!) and mix again. Decorate the jar with a ribbon and a label printed on your computer, and you're ready to go.

7. A Themed Gift Basket

Personalized gift baskets are one of my all-time favorite ideas for homemade Valentines gifts. Why? They're simple, they're ultra-personal, and they can be adapted to any budget. Plus, they're tons of fun to receive. Tearing into a gift basket to see what it contains is always exciting-- like being a kid at Christmas.

How do you do this? Think about something your partner loves, and come up with a container (functional or non-functional like a basket) and fillers that fit that theme. Base it off of whatever your partner likes best! Some ideas I like are:

  • Baking Gift Basket: A basket filled to the brim with cookie cutters, nice silicone pans, and fancy, hard-to-find ingredients.
  • Scrapbooking Gift Basket: A scrapbook and supplies, along with a coupon for developing digital photos.
  • Gardening Gift Basket: A plant pot filled with seeds, gloves, hat, tools... whatever!
  • Car-Care Gift Basket: A bucket filled with car-care items, like wax and buffing cloths, etc.
  • Pet-Lover Gift Basket: A dog or cat bed filled with gourmet snacks and treats, fun toys, decorative collars, etc.
  • World Tour Gift Basket: A large pot or a basket filled with delicacies from around the world: French wines, Italian cheeses, saffron, curries, you name it.

8. Printable Personalized Calendar

This is one of the best ideas for homemade Valentines gifts for those people who don't have a crafty bone in their bodies-- because it's all done on a computer. Using a template, add your own digital photos to all 12 months of a calendar. They can be photos of the two of you together, photos of important moments or places in your relationship, or even just photos of things your partner loves. Then be sure to add all of your special dates-- anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

Want to make it extra special? On the calendar, occasionally schedule in a day to do something special. Add about one of these days a month, and pick a special activity for each one: go to the movies, share a sundae, have a picnic, etc. Then print it all up and attach the pages together (this looks nicest printed on slightly heavier paper-- you can even have it printed at a print shop), and you've got a wonderful thoughtful gift... and a lot of fabulous dates to look forward to. All without accidentally gluing your fingers to the table.

9.Express Yourself

Valentines Love Letter GiftUsually a person of few words? This is your chance to say all those things you've left bottled up. Write your partner a letter or a poem telling them how much they mean to you. Draw a portrait of them, or paint your vision of how your future together might be. It doesn't matter if you're not the best poet or artist. This is one of those ideas for homemade Valentines gifts where it really IS the thought that counts.

10. 365 Days of Memory

This is one of the most touching and creative ideas for homemade Valentines gifts I've ever come across. Take 365 pieces of nice paper. You can make them all the same size so they look nice, or let them all be different. One each one, put a special memory or memento of your relationship and what's special about your partner. Some good ideas are:

  • Photos of the two of you together
  • Write out a special memory of something you've done together
  • Describe something you love about your partner
  • A quote about love
  • A silly drawing of his or her luscious lips (or eyes or whatever)
  • A snatch of lyrics from a song
  • A ticket stub from your first date
  • A lipstick kiss
  • A coupon for a kiss, a massage, or a night to do whatever they want

Package all of these memories and mementos into a decorated box or a jar, and have your partner pull one out every day. I can't think of anything more likely to brighten up somebody's year.

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