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10 Inexpensive Table Centerpiece Ideas
for the Dinner Table

Want a lot of decorative oomph, but don't want to spend a lot of dough? Inexpensive table centerpiece ideas like these will save the day! Each of these 10 great cheap centerpieces for the table are pretty, impressive, creative, and cheap to put together.

You don't need a lot of crafty know-how or a ton of time to make a nice centerpiece on a not-so-nice budget. You just need to get creative!

You'll also find more inexpensive ideas --12 of 'em!-- for table centerpieces right here

You can also show off your own inexpensive homemade centerpieces at the bottom of this page... or get ideas from other visitors!

10 Creative Table Centerpiece Ideas on a Budget

Just because you're on a budget for your special dinner, wedding, shower, or whatever event doesn't mean that your dinner table centerpieces have to look low budget. None of the 10 ideas below looks the least bit cheap. The fact that you had to stick to a strict budget can be your little secret!

1. Dried Natural Materials Centerpiece

Table Centerpiece Idea with Dried leaves and flowers and candlesThis is one of my favorite inexpensive table centerpiece ideas for autumn. The word "centerpiece" doesn't always have to mean you have one single focus point at the middle of the table. Sometimes it's more interesting and elegant to do a line down the middle, with your centerpiece filling a long center space.

This idea does a natural dried flower and greenery centerpiece beautifully. You can either buy dried flowers, leaves, and other natural objects, or you can dry them yourself in the weeks leading up to your event. Interspersed with candles and placed on an inexpensive table runner, the effect is minimalist, elegant, and very expensive looking.

2. Tall and Elegant Candle Display

Simple Tall Candle Centerpiece for a Dinner Party or WeddingWho's to say that your inexpensive table centerpiece ideas have to be elaborate to look great? Sometimes the simpler the centerpiece, the more expensive it looks. This centerpiece is simply a striking, tall, old-fashioned candelabra with a few long white taper candles. But because it's not a centerpiece you see very often any more, it catches the eye and becomes very striking indeed.

And just because it's your only dinner table centerpiece doesn't mean your candelabra has to be expensive. Drop by the thrift store and see what you can find. A simple brass candelabra with a bit of a polish will do fine. Or go with your theme! Have a clean and simple aesthetic for your table decorations? Paint a wooden candelabra white. Going funky and fun? Get out your paintbrush and do rainbow colors. It doesn't have to be perfect-- after all, everything looks good under candle-light.

3. Greens and Sliced Citrus

Green Citrus Floral Centerpiece Cheap and Simple

You can have a "floral" dinner table centerpiece without including even one flower. With a simple clear vase, some sliced citrus, and pretty, lush greenery, you end up with an elegant and expensive-looking centerpiece that doesn't cost much at all. With this inexpensive table centerpiece idea, the contrast in colors between the bright citrus and lush greenery is all the effect you need.

The centerpiece pictured here contains about three yellowy-orange roses, and they look really pretty with the striking citrus colors. However, you can opt for cheaper flowers, or skip the flowers and just use the greenery. The effect is just as nice, as long as you arrange your citrus slices in a pretty way.

Find more cheap centerpiece ideas using fruit and flowers here!

4. Thrift Store Bottles and Flowers

Thrift Store Colored Bottles Filled with Flowers for a Cheap Table Centerpiece
This inexpensive table centerpiece idea is all about color. Run down to your local thrift store (or a craft store like Michael's) and pick up several bottles of the same color. Each bottle should be a different size and shape. The blue pictured here looks really pretty, but this idea would also look great with a green, a pink, or a purple.

Then fill each bottle with one or two inexpensive blossoms, as pictured. The mum daisies here don't cost much at all, but the color contrast makes for a really pretty budget centerpiece idea. Either line your bottles up in the middle of a rectangular table, or group them together right in the middle. Pretty, cheap, and simple!

5. Candles and Naturals

Fruits Leaves Fall Table Centerpiece Cheap IdeaDon't forget fruit, dried leaves, berries, and other natural items when planning your table centerpiece(s). Especially for autumn centerpieces, harvest-y objects look beautiful, are thematic, and are really inexpensive to put together. The centerpiece pictured here is made up of textured candles, dried leaves and flowers, and interesting fruits, such as winter persimmons.

The candles provide a pretty, soft light that makes your centerpiece really glow. Have fun with what you choose for this. Fruit looks great, as pictured, but play around with vegetables, too! Things like small (trimmed) purple onions, different-colored tomatoes, and interestingly hued root vegetables from the farmer's market look great as centerpieces.

6. Menu as a Centerpiece

Lighted Menu for a Centerpiece on a Wedding Table- cheap idea!

This is one of those practical and inexpensive table centerpiece ideas that nobody ever seems to think of! This dinner centerpiece is simply the evening's party food menu printed on non-flammable paper. It's folded into a triangle and placed over a candle as a shade.

The result? A soft, prettily lighted centerpiece that also serves a purpose. Just be sure to provide separate paper menus as well, so that your guests don't pull your centerpiece away so they can read it!

7. Wine Themed Centerpiece

Wine Bottle Themed Centerpiece Idea with Grape Leaves Very Inexpensive Centerpiece
I love this inexpensive table centerpiece idea for a wine tasting party or any other event that revolves around wine. Though it's also great because it's just... a pretty centerpiece! For this, you take empty bottles of wine (in this example white wine bottles are used, so the bottles are a light green, which is a bit prettier than darker green), scrub off the labels, and fill them with grape vines and leaves.

Don't have grape leaves growing in your backyard? Ivy vines and leaves look just as good, and are a heck of a lot easier to find. Most people have them growing in their neighborhood. The centerpiece pictured is made with ivy, and looks very grape-like. Surround your bottles with bunches of grapes to make an edible centerpiece idea, too, if you like.

8. Rustic Basket Potted Plant Centerpiece

Pretty Basket with Flowers for a Dinner Table Centerpiece

Sometimes inexpensive plants and flowers tucked into surprising containers can make really striking centerpieces-- and without spending a whole lot of dough. In the dinner party centerpiece pictured here, a few potted plants, a geranium, and two or three striking flowers are presented in an oddly shaped basket.

The result? An eye-catching table decoration centerpiece that doesn't take much more than a little creativity. Take note, though, that you may have to fill the bottom of your basket with Styrofoam or florists' foam so your plants and flowers can peek out at the top. Especially if it's a larger basket.

9. Simple Flowers, Striking Colors

Colorful Floral Centerpiece for Dinner with Inexpensive Flowers
Floral centerpieces are far and away the most appealing. But the problem with flowers is that they're so expensive! And the cheap flowers? Well, they're usually pretty boring.

But not these! If your local florist carries inexpensive flowers like daisies or mums in bright colors, these sorts of flowers can make for wonderful inexpensive table centerpiece ideas, as long as you combine those colors creatively. Pick up a few bouquets of inexpensive mums or daisies in striking colors like turquoise, yellow, purple, etc. and arrange them in a vase. You'll be amazed at how expensive and striking the final effect looks.

Want to make this simple inexpensive table centerpiece even more striking? Match the colors of your flowers to the rest of your dinner table decorations. If it matches the tablecloth, plates, etc., the centerpiece will really bring everything together.

10. Creative Edible Bread Basket Centerpiece

Fun and Cheap Edible Bread Basket Centerpiece for Dinner Tables
I love the idea of an edible centerpiece! This centerpiece revolves around a dinner table standard: the bread basket. But instead of a boring ol' bread basket, this basket is decorated with multicolored tomatoes in different sizes. You can also experiment with adding other pretty veggies, like mini multi-colored bell peppers or small, bright carrots with their greens intact.

The way to carry this inexpensive table centerpiece idea off? Arrange the baskets with their surrounding vegetables ahead of time. Then carefully add the bread to already-positioned baskets right before you eat.

Getting Creative with Your Centerpieces

As you can see, you don't have to splash out on expensive floral centerpieces to really make an impression at a wedding, dinner party, party, or other special event. Heck, you don't even have to be a craft genius or spend hours putting your centerpieces together!

All you've got to get some great inexpensive table centerpiece ideas is get a little creative, play with colors, and focus on a concept. And you end up with a pretty party centerpiece that will get oohs and aahs all around.

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