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The Famous Kings Drinking Game

If you're having a party or dinner party and have never played the Kings Drinking Game, now is definitely the time to start.

Kings Cup (also known as Ring of Fire or Circle of Death-- very dramatic!) is one of the most fun beer drinking card games you can play. It's a simple drinking game, but every time you play the game turns out a little different. Always tons of fun! All you need to play Kings drinking game is a deck of cards, list of rules (below), and a pint-sized cup.

The Kings drinking game rules outlined below are totally flexible. It seems like everybody plays Kings Cup differently anyway, so feel free to change any rule you like.

Playing Fun Drinking Card Games: Kings Cup

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Beer Drinking Card Games: Kings Cup

The Game:

  • Place a pint-sized glass in the middle of the table.
  • Spread a deck of cards in a circle around the cup and have your guests sit around it.
  • The game begins and ends with Kings-- with each King card pulled, the player who pulls that card pours some of his or her drink into the pint cup in the middle of the table.
  • The person who pulls the last King in the deck must drink what's in the cup. This is especially disgusting is everybody is drinking something different.
Check out the video below for tips on setting up the Kings Drinking Game, one of the most fun drinking card games you'll ever play.

Kings Drinking Game Rules

Playing Cards-- ready to play Kings Cup2 - Two for you
Two drinks to the person of your choice

3 - Three for me
Player takes three drinks

4- Four's for Whores
All ladies take a drink

5- Slap
Upon seeing the five card pulled, all players must hit the table with their hand. The last person to do this drinks.

6- Six is for Dicks
All the guys take a drink

7- Thumbmaster
Whoever pulls a 7 becomes the new Thumbmaster. He or she can sneakily put their thumb on the table whenever they like. All the other players must put theirs on the table, too. The last to do it must drink. Check out this video to see how Thumbmaster is played.

8 - I Never
Say a true statement about something you've never done. All those who have done it must drink.

9 - Rhyme
Say a short sentence. The next player uses a sentence that rhymes with it. This goes around the table til the last person can't think of a rhyme. He or she drinks. (Words can only be used once.)

10- Category
Choose a category. Each player must choose something within that category. If you can't think of anything, you drink. (Example: chocolate candy bars: Snickers, Twix, Reese's Cups, Milky Way, etc.)

Jack- Rule
Possibly the funnest card in the bunch. When you pull a rule card, you get to make up a rule for the game. Every time the rule is broken, that person must drink. (See Rules Game above for some good rule ideas.)

Queen- Question Master
The person who pulls the Q is Question Master until the next Q is pulled. He or she can ask a question of another player at any time. If that player answers the question, he or she must drink.

King- King's Cup
The first three to pull a King must pour some of their drink into the cup at the middle of the table. The last person to choose it must drink it. The game ends when the last King is pulled.

Ace- Waterfall
Everybody drinks. The player who picked the Ace starts the waterfall. No player can stop drinking until the player before him stops.

Beer Drinking Card Games Video:
Setting up Kings Cup

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