Manipulate Your Kids with These Cute Kid-Friendly Snacks

happy grape snakes kid snack idea

Picky kids are basically the most annoying thing on the planet.  It’s a bell pepper, you silly child… it’s not going to kill you.  But we moms do have one neat little advantage going for us: kids are really shallow.

One of the only good things about how picky kiddos are about food?   It’s how easy they are to manipulate.

Yes, I am that mom who is perfectly willing to manipulate a child if it means that they’ll eat something green. Or red. (Really, any of the colors works for me.) So, yes, I will happily stick some ears or a nose or any other interesting body part (within reason– no need to get gross and encourage awkward questions) on my kid’s snack in order to create something that he will actually, you know… eat.

If you’re a good mom who wants your kids to eat good things but also a weak and overworked mom who is willing to trick her child into eating healthy food if she refuses to actually learn about good nutrition, this post is for you.  Welcome! You’re in pretty good company here.

Adorable Animal Pancakes

I love this idea, via the genius at Secret Squirrel. She makes hers gluten free with coconut and they sound delicious.  But you could also make these happy little fruit and animal pancakes out of a plain whole wheat pancake recipe or anything your family prefers. We like gluten in our house, so we go all out with the wheat.

Adorable bear, owl, and fish pancake snacks for kids


All you need to make these magical little breakfasts for your kids is your favorite pancake, sliced almonds, various sliced fruit, blueberries, and bananas.  They’re ridiculously cute.  Maybe not a great option for kids who complain if their pancakes get cold, though, seeing as art this cute takes time.

Though this is a great kid-friendly breakfast, I mostly love this idea for, say, an after-school snack.  Make your pancakes ahead and freeze some to pull out for these cute little pancake bears, owls, and fishes.

Grape Snake Snacks

grape snake snack skewer for kidsThese little grape snake skewers are so cute and easy to make!  I kind of want to adopt them as pets and put them in an aquarium. As a bonus, they don’t need to eat mice, which is nice.  Though I imagine they’d get a little deflated and goopey after awhile.

To make these little snake snacks, simple line up your green grapes on a skewer and dab on melted white chocolate and mini-chocolate chip eyes. Tons of fun and your kids will not be complaining that they’re not cookies.

Fruit and Cheese Cars

These little cars are a cute little snack for any kid, but they’re especially exciting to kiddos who, like mine, love all things with wheels and tires.  Pop on your black-grape wheels with a toothpick, and add you little cheese strip road down the middle of the plate. Or cut toast fingers and make your road out of peanut butter toast.

Apple cars kid snack idea cute

Hedgehog Sandwiches


Ack, these are so cute!  These little sandwiches are probably beyond my own patience and abilities, but they’re so friggin cute that I might die. They look like rolled flattened wheat bread with strategically rolled lunch meat, and shaped bits of meat and cheese inserted into slits.  I want to hug one.  I’d probably get gooey and smell like a Subway sandwich, but it might be worth it.

Cute hedgehog sandwich for kids

Just looking at these pictures, and you know that these adorable snacks will get your kids excited about healthy food, and happy to sit at the table and eat it.  They will also fill your kid with joy and delight, of course. Which is an extra fun bonus, right? It kind of makes you super-mom.

Unless you have a really sensitive kid who tends vegetarian and doesn’t want to kill his cute little grape snakes.  Then this entire idea will probably backfire and you should probably avoid this post alltogether!

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