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Mau: Fun Drinking Card Game

by Joel Straube

Mau (pronounced m-oww.)

Find a good friend, preferably your best friend, and show them these rules.

You'll need one deck of cards; you can use more, several if needed, but it'll get nuts with more.

Start by dealing 4 cards to each player. If a player touches the cards during the deal, say don't touch the cards and give them another card. Remember to just deal 4. Once the dealer has dealt out the cards, they can wait until more people grab at their cards, or they can say, Mau is now in session.

Once Mau is in session, flip the top card of the deck so that it is visible. Now the game becomes very similar to Uno. You play following suit, but you can change the suit by using the same number of another suite to change it.

Example of game play: Start as 5 of diamonds, next player lays another diamond, or they can lay a 5 of clubs/spades/hearts. Go clock-wise around the table. Now where's the drinking involved?

If a player grabs at their cards during the deal, they must drink.
If they can't play, they draw a card, and next players turn-- Don't draw then play.
When a 7 is played all must say: Have a nice day.
When Kings are played say : All hail the king/chairman/etc.
When Queens are played say: All hail the queen/chairwoman/etc.
If someone is taking to long to play, start a countdown from 10 (OUT LOUD).
If a player plays out of turn, they must drink.
If they say the name of the game, they must drink.
If they say I hate this game, or this game is stupid, or any other insulting words towards the game, they must drink.
If they ask a question, they must drink.
If someone explains a rule of the game, they must drink.
If they don't say Punt when they have one card left, the must drink.

If any of the above rules are broken, the player who doesn't follow the rules takes a card and a drink.

How do you win?
Get down to one card left in your hand and hope you don't break a rule or have to draw. Once your hand is gone, say Mau. Once you've emptied your hand and you've said mau, game over.

What happens when you win?
Once you win, things get even more interesting. If the dealer/"person who knows the original rules" takes the winner aside and they come up with a new rule pertaining to an unused card in the deck, such as a Jack. For an example on that, all hail the prince/son/jack/etc. 2's, dueces wild... etc etc, make up your own rules. Don't get vulgar, no one wants to be naked by the end of the game... But then again you could...

So see, once your friends and yourself are trashed because you can't remember the rules or what's going on, it gets to be a blast. Or if you have friends like mine... They start to get really irate.

Just remember, rules are not up for discussion until someone wins, then only the winner should know.

Almost forgot, only pause allowed in the game is when the dealer has to shuffle the cards back into a deck to keep the game doing, you don't have to shuffle, but people prefer it. Just make sure you keep the top card there.

I like to make rules for certain cards to reverse/skip.If you should manage to play long enough to use every number of the deck, 13 rules. Just start stacking them. I had a rule for doubles, two of any card in a row, to say Double or nothing, then others had to say thats a big 10-4 rubber ducky.

This game isn't for everyone, just a family game I learned a couple years back.

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