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Mexican Fiesta Games:
8 Party Game Ideas for Your Fiesta

Planning a Mexican fiesta and looking for fun activities? Mexican fiesta games encompass a huge array of different sorts of activities, from the sedate to the rather wild.

While most of the Mexican fiesta party games here may look and sound like they are geared toward the younger set, they can easily be adapted to adults with a little imagination-- so have fun with it!

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Giving Prizes for Your Mexican Part Games

Always remember that if you are going to give out prizes to the winners of your Mexican fiesta games, they should be appropriate to the group that you are entertaining.

Your prize doesn't have to be anything big or expensive, just something that they can look back on and keep to remember the great party you planned for everybody. Prizes add an air of competition and fun to the games-- it doesn't matter if they are nothing more than ribbons or little trinkets. Children, especially, remember the prizes they won above everything else. It makes the party even more special to them. It's even better if you look for prizes with a Mexican theme, such as:

  • A cowboy hat or Sombrero
  • Shot glass set
  • A bottle of tequila
  • A baby cactus
  • A bottle of hot sauce
  • Margarita glasses
  • A Rick Bayless Mexican Cookbook
  • A pair of maracas

8 Great Ideas for Mexican Fiesta Games

Got your prize ideas all set? Read on for some fun and traditional games for a Mexican fiesta at home. Some will require you to pick up supplies, but others are as simple as assembling a group of people and watching the fun unfold.

Want more ideas? Most of our ideas for party games can be adapted to a Mexican theme somehow.

1. Playing Piñata: a Mexican Fiesta Tradition

A piñata is the most normally associated symbol of a party, and is probably the most traditional Mexican fiesta game you can play.

Rainbow Donkey Pinata

How to Play: Everyone gets a turn whacking away at this brightly colored paper Mache candy filled shape icon to the fiesta, blind folded, until it bursts open to give up its goodies.

It is always good to use a broomstick or short stick that you have decorated to look festive with streamers in bright colors, rather than a bat, since it will take longer to open up the piñata with the stick, and everyone will get a turn. Pull the piñata up and down to make it more challenging to hit and let your guests go for it. Just make sure that the spectators are out of the way of the batter and have a spotter for safety.

2. Mexican Ring Toss Game

Another good choice for Mexican fiesta games is a Mexican ring toss-- it's easy and can be set up for either young players, or for adults.

How to Play: Using bottles or even a blow up cactus, let the players try and toss rings around the objects in question. If you are using a blow up cactus, you want to be sure that the rings are going to fit around the branches. You can find the blow up cactuses at almost any party store. The winner has the most rings about the target. If you are playing with just adults, you can play for drinks.

3. Margarita Mixing Adult Party Game

For the adults, you can always challenge each other to a margarita contest-- this is one of those Mexican fiesta games that can never go wrong!

How to Play: See who makes the best margarita; whether it's alcoholic or virgin, it doesn't matter. These take skill, cunning and know how, getting the ingredients just right. Everyone gets a taste and a vote is taken, with the winner being the best margarita. How can anyone lose?

Make sure to have plenty of the right ingredients on hand and several blenders (you may have to borrow a few). But it's a game that's sure to please all of the adults. A great prize for this Mexican fiesta party game would be a pair of fancy margarita glasses!

4. Hot Stuff Mexican Eating Contest

Eating contests are becoming more and more popular... and are a really fun idea for a Mexican fiesta game.

How to Play: You can see who can eat the most nachos or who can eat the hottest chilies. Start with the mildest chilies and work your way up the Scoville scale, the winner being the one that can consume the hottest chili without taking a drink of water.

5. Escondida & Bebe Leche: Fun Mexican Fiesta Games for Kids

Especially for children there is Escondida, the Mexican form of "hide and seek" and Bebe Leche, the Mexican answer to "hopscotch".

How to Play: Both are played the way we all played them, the same way they are played all over the world, but it sounds so much more exotic when presented in Spanish. Teach the kids a few words for the game in spanish, and they'll learn a little vocabulary while they're at it!

6. Futbol, of Course!

Also for the younger set is futbol, which is the Spanish word for soccer. This is a perfect Mexican fiesta game (for adults, too!) because, like most of Latin America, Mexico is obsessed with soccer!

How to Play: What a great way to burn off their energy and for the adults to root for their favorite team! Set up two goals, create two teams, and let them show off their skills on the soccer field. Just think... you just may discover the next Pele. Adult Sombrero

7. Sombrero Game: Mexican Hat Dancing

A Mexican hat dance contest is always fun for a Mexican fiesta game-- all you need to play is some music and a Sombrero.

How to Play: Played like musical chairs, you can check out how to do the dance from a video on YouTube, and challenge folks to dance around the sombrero. As the music speeds up and people drop out, the winner is the last one standing. It's actually a ton of fun!

8. Another Sombrero Game: Pass the Sombrero

Another fun sombrero game for a party is "pass the sombrero."

How to Play: This Mexican fiesta game is played similar to "pass the orange." To play, you tuck the sombrero under your chin and pass it along the line. The winner is the one that doesn't drop the sombrero after everyone else is eliminated.


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