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Paper Charades Party Game Idea

by susan dyck

The paper charades party game is a game where 20-30 pieces of paper are distributed among all the guests as a party (or 20-30 each guest, depending on how much work you want them to do).

On each of the 20-30 little pieces of paper, the guests would write either a long phrase (like "the toilet seat is covered with diarrhea") or an unusual one-word phrase (like "airbrakes"). Try to get your guests to be as unique and specific as possible (like "I like to wear pink high heals").

Get all your guests to put their paper sayings into a hat. Divide everyone into two teams (just like regular charades) and let everyone guess at the same time. Usually it's played guy against girls. Let one guest pull a paper from the hat first. Don't let them look when they pick. (If they get their own, they should put it back.)

The player who chose the paper saying must act out the saying without speaking. If he or she speaks, their team loses a point. He or she can signal that something "sounds like" something else by cupping a hand over the ear, but that's all. And here's where it gets fun. If the acting player gets tired of his/her phrase or finds it too difficult, he or she can pick a new phrase from the hat or pass the phrase (and his or her team's turn) to the opposing team.

The paper charades game rules are so easy and it's really fun. Everyone usually enjoys this game! There's no time limit, but you can decide to use one if you want. This is a lot different from Pictionary (way more fun!), and is a really fun charades drinking game idea.

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