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by TP
(Upper Midwest)

I don't know what the name of the game is but, it can be a rip!!!

Needed: Something to pass, i.e. an apple, orange, softball, knerf ball...you get the idea.

Needed: Two (2) adults to referee the activity.

Needed: The adults form one straight line Male, Female, etc. However...spouses, significant others, etc. need to be spaced far apart from their counterpart...Nothing Personal!!!

Needed: BOTH arms held (at ALL times) behind-the-back!

Needed: Pass the "whatever" WITHOUT USING ANY PART OF EITHER HAND. Shoulders, upper arms, and whatever else gets the job done will do!

Needed: Referees begin the game by putting the "whatever" in the crotch of the neck and makes sure the player has full control of the "whatever".

Referees are responsible for putting the "whatever" BACK TO WHERE THE GAME BEGAN...crotch of the neck and a shoulder.

The game, round, inning or whatever it is called when BOTH "whatevers" are passed toward the middle of the line as determined by the referees.

Unless you are a TOTAL LOSER, DO NOT let the location of the "whatever" embarass or cause a player to stop. Players like that should be removed from the game and disposed of ASKED TO GO HOME, SIT DOWN AND WATCH AND BE QUIET. Talking to each other, laughing at WHATEVER is seen is MORE-THAN-WELCOME!!!

No room here for the timid, inhibited, shy, etc., etc., player(s)! If THEY ARE, the referees (maybe the host and hostess) can decide "what to do with them"!


If anyone remembers the name of this mixer game, let this website know.


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