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Plan a Romantic Night:
Ideas for a Romantic Evening with Your Sweetie

Do you need to plan a romantic night, just for you and your sweetheart? If it's been ages since you had a quiet night alone with your partner, then it's definitely time!

Well, I say... that's fantastic! While it's wonderful to plan a romantic evening for Valentine's day, an anniversary, a proposal, or whatever... it's also great to plan one just because. There's no reason to wait until there's a special occasion to sprinkle a little romance into the picture. Do it now!

But... where do you begin? This page will help you with everything you need to plan a romantic evening with your partner. And you'll also find a ton more recipes and romantic tips at my Romantic Meals and Evenings Main Page.

Where Should You Plan a Romantic Evening?

First things first, at what kind of a location do you want to plan a romantic night with your sweetie?

  • A Romantic Night at Home. Home is certainly a great option, as you've got quiet and privacy built right into the place: it's yours!
  • A Romantic Night on the Town. Another really special idea is to plan a romantic night on the town, followed by a stay in a nice hotel.
  • Which to choose? Well, both have benefits and drawbacks. This site is all about planning and hosting special occasions in your home, though, so I'm going to focus on that aspect. After all, when you go out, all the work of planning a romantic night is done for you!

    Still, you'll find some great date ideas and ideas for great nights out right here!

    Planning a Romantic Evening at Home

    A romantic dinner with pillows and candles If you're thinking of planning a night of romance at home, then the most important thing is to make it special! Try to find ways to make your house FEEL different. This is a space you and your partner probably see every single day... and if you're running between jobs and kids, it's very easy for home to feel anything BUT romantic.

    Making Your Home Feel Special

    So when you plan a romantic night at home, the first thing to do is set the stage. Move the couch or a love seat to in front of the fireplace if you have one. Dot various rooms with candles (nothing is as romantic --or flattering!-- as candle light). Pepper tables or floors with flower petals, dim the lights and put on soft music. If you like, burn some rose incense (it's said that Cleopatra used roses to woo Marc Anthony!) – and who can't use a little help from Mother Nature?

    Dressing up the Bedroom. Don't forget to dress up the bedroom too. Put on some fresh sheets, put soft towels in the bath, etc. While you don't want the bedroom to be the focal point, it should be ready when your romance takes the next natural step!

    Cooking a Romantic Meal at Home

    Since you're on home turf, one of the best things to plan a romantic night around is a wonderful home-cooked meal. This could consist of your partner's favorite foods, or perhaps some luscious finger foods that you can feed each other. Look to various type of aphrodisiacs for help in that arena.

    Here are a few ideas for wonderful romantic foods and recipes. You'll also find a ton more right here!

    You can also check out our ready-made romantic menu for him, and romantic menu for her.

    By the way, put out good tableware tonight. We eat with our eyes, and the table should look SPECIAL.

    Timing Your Romantic Evening

    A romantic night at homeNow, you have the foods of love planned and figured out the decorations for creating the perfect ambiance, another important step to plan a romantic night is to choose the day and time. While having your romantic night be a surprise is sweet, very often that's met with disaster. Your partner ends up working late, gets stuck in traffic, or brings home an unexpected guest! (This last possibility can be very embarrassing if you've dressed sexily!)

    Set a Date. To avoid disappointment and potential disaster, it's best to plan a romantic night as a "date" – which in itself is romantic, and allows you to set the mood from the morning on with breakfast in bed, and a special gift delivered at lunchtime. For folks with children it also gives you time to find a sitter (and a back up sitter just in case).

    HINT: Turn off the phone, put a do not disturb sign on the door and tell family and friends alike that this is an "off limits" occasion.

    Getting Yourself Ready

    Of course, one of the most important things when you plan a romantic night is to plan to look gorgeous! Make yourself into eye candy. Wear an outfit you know your partner adores-- whether it's that lingerie that he drools over, or that blue shirt she says brings out your eyes.

    Pay attention to little details in your hair and skin that you might otherwise overlook. Nothing is so romantic as a soft hand when you're holding each other!

    Tip for Guys: Really want to plan a romantic night that will blow her away? Wear a suit! I know you don't want to. I know you really don't want to. But it's the quickest way to let her know you're serious about being romantic tonight! Also, give her warning-- she'll want to look her best, and get a chance to dress up, too!

    Entertainment Ideas for a Romantic Evening

    Even when you plan a romantic night with somebody you've known forever, it sometimes helps to have an icebreaker.

    If it's been a long while since the two of you had a romantic evening on your own, there may be moments of awkwardness. So how about a movie or game to lighten the mood (and a glass of wine too!). When you plan a romantic night there's the temptation to get a gooey romantic film, but consider some good comedy. Laughter relieves stress, which will make the whole night more pleasant.

    Check out some of these Valentines games for a few good ideas.

    No matter what you decide to eat or do for your romantic evening with your partner, the most important thing is to make the effort! If your partner sees that you worked your buns off to plan a romantic night, you can bet that they'll appreciate it, even if it goes spectacularly wrong. Because they'll know you really meant it!

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