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Planning a 40th Birthday Party:
Fun 40th Birthday Ideas

Planning a 40th birthday party can be a daunting task. There's a lot to keep in mind when it comes to planning the party itself, and how to make it the right party for the birthday guy or girl.

First off, there is the recipient's potential reaction to take into consideration. How are they handling this milestone? Some people have a traumatic reaction to the thought of turning forty --to say the least-- and the thought of leaving most of their youth behind and entering "middle age" is not something that they want to be reminded of.

A Cake for a 40th BirthdayOn the other hand, there are others who think that the idea of turning forty is great fun and look at it as the start of the second stage of their young life. So of course, you've got to keep the celebrant's point of view in mind when you start your planning... and put together something really special --and maybe a bit more sensitive-- for that 40-year-old in "mourning."

Here, you'll find some fabulous ideas for planning a 40th birthday party for just about any type of person. But there are lots of other great party planning resources at Divine Dinner Party. Check them out at Party Planning Central.

Decorations for a 40th Birthday

When planning a 40th birthday party, you can have a ton of fun playing around with decorations. The decorations you choose can be simple or sublime, humorous or thought-provoking, silly or sentimental. Keep in mind the person you are celebrating and remember their personality. Are they the shy and retiring type or are they boisterous? The more flamboyant the personality, the more outrageous you can get with the decorations.

A lot of people like to go with humorous decorations for a 40th birthday party, and there are tons of them out there. "Over the Hill" decorations can be a lot of fun. So can themed decorations. On the lookout for a great theme for planning a 40th birthday party? You'll find some fun ones right here.

Tip: Renting a Party Bus

A Party Bus for a Birthday PartyPlanning a party for a momentous occasion for a group of adults may --if your friends and family are anything like mine-- include drinking. Especially if you're planning a 40th birthday party at a restaurant, bar, or other venue, it's always best to plan on not drinking and driving.

Hiring a party bus or a limo to make sure that everyone arrives home safely is a great idea and also keeps your party together. It also ensures that everyone gets to the party on time!

40th Birthday Party Ideas

If you're planning a 40th birthday party, there are lots of great ideas out there that you can use to put together a fun and creative party. Some are simply themes to make a home party creative, special, and a ton of fun. Others are ideas for places to go or things to do. The best thing to do? Combine them! Mix up different ideas and the things your party-goer will like most, and just have fun with it.

Note: Don't Rule Out Themed Parties! Planning a fortieth birthday party with a theme can take one back in time, to one's childhood, to when you went to birthday parties dressed as cowboys or pirates. Who says you can't have one like that now? Even the cake and plates can be themed to match. It's perfect for those who really look at turning forty as the beginning of the second 'childhood' or a new beginning where anything is possible.

Pub Crawl Party

Funny Decorations for a 40th BirthdayWhether you are planning a 'pub crawl' of the local favorite pubs or a casino trip, it's always wise to keep your group together and as well-organized as you can. It's a great idea to plan some party games and activities, if you can.

For example, while you are on your pub crawl, why not have a dart tournament? Just remember that darts do have a sharp tip and that the dartboard is straight ahead. Pin a picture of the celebrant to the board and have people recite wishes as they aim. A bull's eye means the wish comes true!

Bowling Tournament Party

You can also organize a bowling tournament and birthday party, complete with trophies and pizza at your local bowling alley. They will even put up bumpers if your bowling skills aren't the best, to keep the gutter balls (and the embarrassment) out of the equation.

A Quiet Dinner or Private Vacation

Sometimes, planning the best 40th birthday party means... not planning a birthday party at all. If you have someone who needs to relax, or just prefers the quiet life, what you may want to do is plan something a bit simpler. Like a dinner filled with family and friends at a favorite restaurant, which is filled with happy memories.

Or if you really want to spoil the birthday boy or girl, plan the trip of a lifetime for his or her fortieth birthday... and make the party that you plan a bon voyage party the night before you leave. Talk about planning a 40th birthday party with style!

Go here for some more romantic ideas for celebrating a birthday.

"21 All Over Again" 40th Birthday Party

Beer for a fake 21st brithdayThere are some people who really are dreading their fortieth birthday-- even dreading it with unreasonable fear. So why not celebrate it as a repeat of their twenty-first birthday?

For this 40th birthday theme, deck everything out with happenings from the year that they turned twenty- one, including the music. Say they turned twenty-one in nineteen eighty-one. Then the theme of the party would be that. Remember nineteen eighty-one? Big hair and disco ruled, so have your guest dress in their best eighties finery as you celebrate the nineteenth anniversary of their twenty first birthday.

A "Celebrating You" Party

One of the best things about turning 40 --and being in your 40's-- is the true freedom that comes, in a way, with being an adult. You finally have your head together --hopefully-- and are often in a place in your life where you have something to celebrate: all you've learned and done with the last 40 years. So make this a party of pampering, of fun, and of making some of the celebrant's dreams come true... whether than be a weekend at the spa or a group bungee jump.

Over the Hill Party

A 40th Birthday with a Funeral THemeThis is a 40th birthday party idea only for those people with a very good sense of humor! If the birthday guy or girl is tortured about this big day, this isn't the most sensitive option. But for this party, you would decorate with over the hill decorations, play lots of old music, and serve food that old people are famous for loving. Oatmeal, prunes, grilled cheese sandwiches... Or play a game of "pin the dentures on the old guy" using a photoshopped picture of the birthday guy or girl looking wrinkled and decrepit, printed out on a poster.

This is a fun theme, so have a good time with it!

A Surprise 40th Birthday Party

Planning a 40th birthday party as a surprise event is only as good as the people keeping the secret. Keeping the birthday 'victim' distracted long enough to get set up is another issue altogether. Remember, however, that it is up to you to get everyone in place and to get your guest of honor in place for the surprise.

Something else to remember about surprise parties is that your guest of honor may not like or appreciate surprises! Again, this is about personality. Don't surprise someone who hates being taken off guard. They aren't going to enjoy their party.

No matter what kind of party you want to throw, planning a 40th birthday party can be an awesome experience for everyone involved. Your 40's are a fun time in your life, and an important milestone... one which should be shared with the people you love.

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