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"Play Your Cards Right" Game

by Charlotte

This game is a ton of fun for any party. And since it kind of works like a combination of Bingo and White Elephant, it's also a great option for a Christmas party-- but you can play any time of year!

To play, you will need:

Treats and gag-gifts wrapped in wrapping paper, and
Two packs of playing cards

How to Play:

The presents are all wrapped up and stacked in the middle of the table. One person, the dealer, deals out all out the cards in one deck equally among the other players. The dealer does not deal him/herself cards.

The dealer then has to shuffle the other pack of cards, pick one at random, and call it out. It works sort of like Bingo. When he calls out a card that you have, you are allowed to choose a present. You are also allowed to take another person's present if you want to do that.

When all the cards have been read out, you can unwrap one present from your pile. You do this until all of the presents are gone. Or, you can allow players to unwrap their present immediately, and play this game as a version of White Elephant, allowing players to choose an already-unwrapped gift or a new, wrapped gift.

Ideas for presents can be:

Gag gifts: Onions, clothes, tin cans, half-used bottles of hairspray, etc.

Good gifts: Chocolates, beauty accessories, books, magazines, wine, fun gadgets, etc.

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