Make Your Own Bloody Mary Bar Recipe

No holiday brunch menu is complete without Bloody Marys. Sure, the name is a little violent. And sure, they can be strong. But this sharp, spicy cocktail tastes great with all the sweet, rich brunch food you'll be making-- and will get everybody loosened up enough to tell you how much they really love your cooking. This is a drink Mary would be proud of! One pitcher serves about eight people.

The instructions for setting up a self-serve Bloody Mary bar are below-- this is one of the easiest, most fun brunch menu ideas you can use. And your guests will love it.

84 oz. tomato juice
2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
2 oz. lemon juice
10 oz. vodka
23 tsp. Tabasco
2 tbsp. prepared horseradish
salt and pepper, to taste
Garnishes (see below)

Traditional Instructions: Combine ingredients in a pitcher. Serve over ice. Garnish with a celery stick.

Bloody Mary Bar Instructions: Set out glasses with ice, the pitcher of Bloody Marys, and let guests pour and garnish however they like. The more garnish options you give them, the more fun they'll have. Some creative Bloody Mary garnish ideas are:

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