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Harvest Pumpkin Centerpieces for Fall Celebrations

Whether you're planning a family Thanksgiving or a fall wedding, pumpkin centerpieces can be a great way to get a wonderful harvest effect without breaking the budget. After all, who ever said that pumpkins have to be expensive?

Symbols of the autumn season, pumpkins are perfect for table centerpieces because they come in a ton of different shapes, sizes, and colors. From elegant little all-white pumpkins to bright Halloween orange jack o' lanterns, you can always find something that will fit the theme of your autumn event. Plus, they're seriously cute, and a lot of fun.

5 DIY Harvest Centerpieces with Pumpkins

Read on for some great ideas for making your own pumpkin centerpieces for any kind of autumn-themed event... from cute to classy and everything in between. And don't forget to check out this page on Thanksgiving centerpieces for more ideas for harvest-themed centerpieces.

And when you're done here, don't forget to stop by DIY Centerpiece Central for a ton more ideas for different kinds of centerpieces.

1. Pumpkin Tray Display

Table Centerpiece with Mini Pumpkins
I'm not sure why this haphazard pumpkin table centerpiece appeals to me so much: I just love its carelessly casual elegance. It's a great way to give your Thanksgiving table or fall wedding reception decorations a fun autumn feel without looking like you're trying too hard.

Putting Together this Centerpiece: This particular pumpkin centerpiece photo is a simple selection of small, multicolored pumpkins arranged on a dark wood tray with a single candle in the middle. It's casual, cute, and a lot of fun. But it's also flexible and adaptable to the tone or theme of your event... or just your own personal tastes.

Making it Your Own: Looking for more ideas on how to make this pumpkin harvest centerpiece a little different? There are lots of great ideas for things you could do differently with this centerpiece, including:

  • Swap out the single candle for a larger carved-pumpkin lantern
  • Alternate pumpkins and candles for more light
  • Fill your tray with corn kernels
  • Choose three kinds/colors of pumpkins and arrange them in rows for a graphic effect
  • Swap out your wooden tray for a mirror or a rustic plank of wood

2. Carved Veggie Lantern Centerpiece Idea

I love this pumpkin centerpiece idea, especially for an evening event. While it looks great as pictured, with tea light candles and darkness all around, I bet the light that these veggie lanterns give off is just gorgeous.

Fall Centerpiece Idea with Vegetable Candle Lanterns
Putting Together this Centerpiece: Making these vegetable and pumpkin lanterns will require a bit of carving skill, and a bit of time as well. So if you're doing all the work, this might not be the best centerpiece idea for a fall wedding with two-dozen reception tables. If you're only doing one or two, though, or planning a Thanksgiving centerpiece, this idea could be perfect.

Simply choose a selection of gourds, pumpkins, and vegetables, and carve them with pretty, elegant shapes (forget your traditional Jack o' Lantern!). Small gourds and vegetables like eggplants and bell peppers can be hollowed out and left open on top as lanterns, while pumpkins and gourds can be carved Halloween-style and decorated with a tea light candle.

3. Harvest Pumpkin Floating Candle Centerpiece

Romantic Floating Candle Centerpiece with PumpkinThere's something so fun and light-hearted about a floating candle centerpiece. They're warm and cheerful, and always a crowd pleaser. And for a fall event, I love the idea of the hollowed-out pumpkin as a bowl for a floating candle centerpiece.

Putting Together this Centerpiece: This one is going to be easy to put together! Simply hollow-out a fresh, orange pumpkin, fill with water, and float some candles on top. Place harvest decorations around (such as the corn cobs, gourds, and nuts pictured here), and arrange prettily on your table. Done, and done.

Making it Your Own: There are a lot of ways to adapt this idea for a personalized pumpkin centerpiece for your event. Whether with the water, the candles, or the accompanying decorations, you can play around with it! For instance, the centerpiece pictured is made with orange-dyed water. You can dye yours black for a really cool Halloween centerpiece, or add yellow floating gerbera daisies for a romantic harvest feel. Instead of one large pumpkin, do a group of three different-sized ones with floating candles and flowers for a dramatic romantic centerpiece. Have fun with it!

4. Harvest Flower and Pumpkin Centerpiece

A Fall wedding centerpiece with carved pumpkins
The fall themed centerpiece pictured was created for a wedding, but would also be perfect for any autumn event or celebration... it's fun, casual, and really, really pretty.

Putting Together this Centerpiece: This fall centerpiece idea is made up of carved pumpkins, fall foliage and flowers, and rustic mason jar candles. To make one of your own, simply carve your pumpkins (the centerpiece pictured had two large ones, but you can do whatever you like) with a simple, pretty pattern, such as simple circles or hearts. Add a small mason jar with a votive candle, some gourds, and a milk bottle full of autumn flowers and foliage, and you have a gorgeous centerpiece your guests will ooh and aah over.

Making it You Own: This pumpkin centerpiece idea is wonderfully versatile and adaptable to whatever your event. Want a cheerful pumpkin wedding centerpiece? Fill your milk bottle with white and yellow daisies or sunflowers, and stencil-paint the bride and groom's names onto the pumpkin. Celebrating Halloween and want a spooky Halloween centerpiece? Go for orange roses in a black vase, and a scary-carved Halloween pumpkin.

5. Pumpkin Candle Holders Centerpiece

Mini Pumpkin Candle Holders for Thanksgiving Table DecorationsI love the idea of carving pumpkins into candle holders! Whether it be for a simple pumpkin centerpiece like the photo here, or as part of a more complex fall themed centerpiece, pumpkin candle holders look creative, cheerful, and really cute. And they're not too hard to do, either.

Putting Together this Centerpiece: This centerpiece is a very simple one, with a ceramic tray filled with dry split peas and candle-holder carved pumpkins. These little pumpkins are easy enough to make... the only difficulty? Carving them evenly enough that your candle will fit tightly and won't lean to one side. The trick? Using a wipe-away marker, trace around the border of your candlestick, and then carve just inside that border. This should create a tight fit for the candles so they won't slip or lean.

Making it Your Own: There are lots of different things you can do with this sort of idea to create a fun pumpkin centerpiece for your fall wedding or celebration. Some fun ideas for adapting this centerpiece might be:

  • Make a dozen or more of these and set them up along the edge of the head table for a wedding reception.
  • Use wider pumpkins and add votives instead of taper candles
  • Decorate with harvest decorations or place on a bed of fall leaves or daisies
  • Use white pumpkins and black candles for an elegantly creepy Halloween centerpiece

Just plan a little, play around a lot, and with any of these pumpkin centerpiece ideas, you can end up with something simple, inexpensive, and uniquely your own.

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