Divine Dinner Party

Purse Memory

by Valerie

In this game you will need:

-One large purse
-many random items to put in the purse

Before the party, fill a purse with about 12 to 16 different objects such as: lip gloss, scissors, cellphone, rubber bouncy ball, hair band, small brush, hair clip etc. Anything, really, that fits into a purse.

When you are ready to play the game, have your gusts sit in a circle. Start with one player and give her the purse. Give her 20 seconds to look through the purse and memorize as many things as she can. When 20 seconds is up have the guest pass the purse on to the next guest.

Once everyone has had a chance to look in the purse for 20 seconds, hand out pens and paper and give them 2 minutes to write down everything that was in the purse that they can remember. Once the 2 minutes are up see which guest has the most written down that are right-- and that guest is the winner!

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