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Romantic Anniversary Ideas for ANY Budget:
Gifts, Activities, and More

From a quiet dinner and a movie to bundles of flowers and jewelry, coming up with romantic anniversary ideas for great gifts or activities leaves a lot of couples baffled-- especially when you're looking to top yourself and do something totally special this time around.

But after several (or tens of!) years of marriage, most people find that sizzling romantic flame dulls a bit to something warm and comfortable. Hey, it's not unusual at all. And as comfy as your relationship is, it's still nice to come up with ways to bring that flickering flame of romance back into the relationship.

And your anniversary is a perfect moment for it! Here, you'll find some romantic ideas for an anniversary, including some wonderful traditional (and not so traditional) gifts. But you'll also find tons of ideas at Romantic Dinners and Gifts Central, including:

A Little History of Anniversary Gift Lists

Rose HEartBack in 1922, Emily post wrote up a traditional gift list for eight wedding anniversaries. Over the years, that list remained a classic reference... but other ones appeared that were a little more innovative and responded to the changing times. Most gift and activity lists have one thing in common, however-- they start out with smaller tokens of affection in early years and build to larger, and typically more expensive expressions.

Those kinds of references come in handy but they still don't take into account the complexities of second marriages, the couple's ages, and of course personal taste. So, in pondering romantic ideas for anniversary gestures, it's time to return to what you know about your partner, and what the two of you find meaningful and memorable.

Romantic Anniversary Ideas for any Budget

Now, if you have a lot of money to spend, coming up with a great romantic anniversary gift idea is probably easy-- with money, buying something romantic and impressive is simple. But if you don't have a ton to spend on the perfect anniversary gift, there's no reason why you can't sweet your super special spouse of his or her feet.

Couples on a budget may want to make each other small, unique anniversary gifts and do something special at home. And there are lots of great ways to make this happen!

Plan Some Down Home Romance

Romantic Dinner with Candles and WineOne idea along this line is to plan a romantic dinner... but take it to the next step. For this romantic anniversary idea, each person should make one dish for that special meal together. Then enjoy it in front of a roaring fire with some soft music playing in the background. Explain what inspired your dish to your partner, then snuggle up after the meal for a cozy night together.

Want to make it really special? Follow some of these great tips for planning a romantic night.

Add a Little Anniversary Anticipation

Want to do something really special and romantic for your anniversary this year? Then you need to get started early! Send your partner clues to what you have planned once a day for the entire week before your anniversary. See if they know you well enough to guess correctly what you might have planned. Even if they do, these notes build anticipation and mystery, both of which add to the romance!

Even if you're doing something as simple as a romantic dinner or a quiet romantic picnic, building in a bit of mystery and anticipation is a great romantic anniversary idea if you want to make the occasion truly special.

Champagne Stroll Down Memory Lane

Romantic Old Letters for a Scrap BookPart of celebrating an anniversary is looking towards your future together. And a big part of it is celebrating the past. This year, take a trip down memory lane together by taking a few hours to create a new scrapbook on your anniversary!

Creating Your Scrapbook. Pull out all those photos, ticket stubs, etc. that got stuck in a drawer one by one. Open a bottle of champagne, get some sexy snacks, and put on some great music. Pull out each item and talk about the moments each represents while you create your scrapbook. If you're feeling very sentimental, you can even re-read your vows to each other.

When you're done, this book becomes a collection of lovely memories that you can look at again on your next anniversary, or any time you're with family and friends. And the experience of making it together is something your spouse will never forget.

Want to add to the occasion? Check here for some more great ideas for planning a romantic evening at home.

Say it Every Day with Flowers

Flowers go with romance like peanut butter goes with jelly-- they just work, and not only for women! Send your partner one flower (or one dozen!) a day with a special poem, quote or message leading up to your anniversary. On the day itself, scatter flower petals throughout your home and light some candles. The visual effect inspires even the most stoic person to feel dreamily romantic. One of those simple romantic anniversary ideas that always works.

Mystery Messages or Treasure Hunts

Anniversary Treasure HuntThese two romantic anniversary activities have an element of fun without loosing the romance. For a mystery message you'll need to borrow a book, calendar, or something similar from your partner that has lots of words in it. Think of the message you want to send. Using a colored pencil, underline any number of letters in different words to progressively spell out your secret plans.

Alternatively set up a treasure hunt for your partner, complete with a map and hints or clues. Obviously you'll want to do this in a location where the second, third, and fourth clues won't get disturbed. The end of the hunt is the gift or activity you have planned for your anniversary.

Add a Fun Theme to Your Anniversary

Romantic anniversary ideas and sweet surprises will come together more easily when you have a theme to building your celebration around. For example, if your theme is the "first date," find a way to recreate that moment. Make a CD filled with music from that year (make sure some of it's slow and danceable)! Or if your partner loves beaches, make the celebration ocean-themed. This idea works best outside, particularly if you have a sandbox you can decorate in Caribbean style.

There are a ton of variations on this, and it's easy to revolve your whole anniversary celebration around something your spouse loves. You'll find some more ideas for this kind of romantic evening right here. But no matter what you decide, you've got to get creative and have fun with it!

Be Romantic Every Day...

Bringing romance into your relationship or simply keeping it alive is often just a matter of being aware and thoughtful. The little day-to-day gestures mean as much, if not more than flamboyant ones done only once a year. Let your partner know they're loved, and keep their tastes in mind when choosing anniversary gifts and activities and you're sure to meet with success.

Because the most romantic anniversary idea out there is to appreciate your partner every day!

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