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Romantic Christmas Gifts for Men:
Unique Romantic Ideas

A lot of people find it hard to come up with Christmas gift ideas for guys-- and romantic Christmas gifts for men can be even more tricky.

There's a lot to think about. Some shoppers, for instance, fear being too mushy. Others worry about seeming overly-committed when their partner may not quite "be there" yet. Others still just can't seem to find an item that really says romance AND reflects their partner's taste. And for some (hey, I've been there!) it's all three!

Looking to find a great guy gift idea for Christmas? Hopefully, this article will help you with a fabulous idea... or help you get inspired with some great gift ideas of your own. When you're done here, you should also check out the following pages for more great ideas:

You'll find that and lots more gift help at Christmas Gift and Activities Central.

A Joint Gift is a Romantic Gift

Romance is not a solo experience. So, one approach to finding romantic gifts for men is to consider some gift ideas that are really suitable for the two of you to do together.

The Gift of Relax

A romantic massage present for a guy
For example, how about getting a gift certificate for a couple's massage? A lot of spas now have wonderful rub downs with oils or masks that smell down-right edible (think chocolate and coconut). For high-power couples, this provides a moment to gear down, distress and really focus on each other.

Do it Yourself

If you're shy and prefer something more intimate, pick up a CD of nature sounds, some good quality massage oil, big fluffy towels, some finger food (strawberries dipped in chocolate is one example), and surprise your partner with a home massage instead. He'll love this... especially if it comes with a "happy ending!"

Pique his Interests

There are all kinds of other activities you can do together, but whatever you choose keep your partner in mind. If he likes to bowl, get him bowling time and offer to join him regularly (yes, even if you're not thrilled with bowling – it's all about showing interest in HIM). Perhaps get tickets to a play (sit toward the back so you can make out). Or even have a progressive gift where you start at home with an intimate dinner, then take him somewhere for a romantic evening in a carriage or boat!

No matter what you choose, revolving your idea around him makes for the best romantic Christmas gift for men.

The Food of Love

The saying goes: you are what you eat. Well, how about dedicating each night's meal throughout the holiday season to foods known for their passion-inducing qualities? If you and your partner are both home before meal time, get him involved in the cooking (lots of guys love to play in the kitchen). What can you serve?

  • Asparagus in garlic butter (don't forget mints)
  • Figs dipped in honey
  • Pesto pizza (basil and pine nuts)
  • A banana split with almonds and candied ginger
  • Wine marinated raspberries, strawberries, pineapple and banana
  • Oysters

These are just to name a few! You'll find a whole list of aphrodisiac ingredients right here.

Christmas Gift Basket as a Romantic Christmas gift for Men

Give Him What He Loves

Another great romantic Christmas gift for men that revolves around food is a food gift basket. Does he have a sweet tooth? Or love wine and cheese? Or worship at the alter of the almighty pint of beer? Sometimes the most romantic gift is the one that shows him how well you know what he loves.

The best part? Turning on some Christmas music, lighting some candles, cuddling up on a blanket, and enjoying those Christmas treats together.

Photos are Worth 1000 Words

Some men aren't overly good at keeping memories in order. So if the two of you are very intimate and looking at a future together, pictures make the perfect romantic Christmas gifts for men. Certainly you could go "old fashioned" with a scrap book (which can also be a great deal of fun to maintain together going forward).

Romantic Gift- digital photo gift for menThen there's the techno-toy approach. Think about:

  • Digital photo key chains
  • Digital frames for the office
  • A new camera so you can take photos together
  • A homemade book or photo album full of your favorite snapshots
Or do all four so you can be "with him" wherever he goes!

Get Steamy

Another very personal gift --and a romantic Christmas gift for men that will never go wrong-- is a set of steamy photos of you wearing his favorite naughty outfits. There are numerous, very professional photographers out there some of whom are dedicated to this type of work. It's recommended, however, that you find someone with references you can confirm. Also find out if you will "own" the pictures after they're complete (you don't want to find them on a random internet site later!).

Or save money and get peace of mind by setting up the camera, putting on the timer, and doing it yourself. Why not?

The truth is, there are many ways to express romance and be very personal without going over board or spending a ton of money. By using some of these ideas or letting them inspire some of your own, you'll find the perfect romantic Christmas gift for men every time!

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