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Romantic Meal Recipe Ingredients:
Sexy Aphrodisiac Foods!

Looking for some great romantic meal recipe ideas? Maybe you want to celebrate Valentine's Day or an Anniversary. Maybe you want to seduce that special someone. Or maybe you just made your significant other more than a little angry with you (perhaps because you forgot an anniversary?) and need to suck up by cooking a romantic dinner.

Toss a few of these ingredients into your best romantic meal recipe, and oh-la-la... more is gonna be cooking than dinner, I can tell you that!

Especially for most women out there, the idea of aphrodisiac cooking is rather silly... and just a little insulting. It brings to mind that slick and greasy man with his slick and greasy hair. Calling you darling and ogling your... well... your everything. Do men really think they can just plan a romantic dinner full of oysters and chocolate, and sweep you into bed? Pah. As if.

Despite what Casanova says, you can't seduce a woman with an oyster. But... it is true that some foods act on the body in special ways, sometimes increasing arousal or even just stimulating blood flow. Even if all you want is to bring a flush to the cheeks, try some of these aphrodisiac ingredients in your next romantic meal recipe.

Cooking a Romantic Dinner: Knowing Your Ingredients

Below, you'll find some of the most common (and tastiest, of course!) aphrodisiac ingredients. Aphrodesiac Dinner Recipe

What woman doesn't think chocolate is sexy?


Sinful. Rich. Devilish. Evil. Throughout history, chocolate has been called a lot of nasty things. Hundreds of years ago, this decadent dessert was regarded with more than a little suspicion. That's because nothing that tastes that good could possibly be anything but evil.

But, as most women know, chocolate is your friend. It is not only delicious, it's also a substance that affects how you feel. When it is not covered with the scent of coffee powder (as commercial chocolates often are), the smell of cocoa acts on the emotional center of the brain. Men, you can't plan a romantic dinner without chocolate-- your wife or girlfriend would kick your butt.


Nothin' says loving like garlic breath, right? Funny as it may sound, garlic really does have an effect on your libido-- mostly because it just makes you healthier. It energizes the body, and it also dilates the blood vessels. Plus it tastes great, and is always a good addition to a romantic meal recipe.

Here's a tidbit: the priestesses who lived in the temples of the goddess Aphrodite were experts in love remedies. They always prescribed garlic, which was supposed to "make women fall in love and make men powerful." So watch out, ladies.

The perfect way to get garlic into your Valetines dinner or romantic meal? Italian food! It's red, it's rich, it's romantic. And it's full of garlicky goodness.


It's tasty, it makes food pretty, and it stimulates the erogenous zones. Nice! Some studies have shown that saffron has similar effects on the body to those of actual hormones. But be careful! Too much saffron can cause uncontrollable laughter. Sounds like a fun way to start a Valentines dinner party, actually.

Casanova loved oysters for a reason


Casanova reported that he would breakfast on fifty raw oysters, and that oysters helped him seduce the 122 women he claims in his memoirs. Charming, eh?

Looks like science is proving Casanova right. After years of questioning the aphrodisiac qualities of this romantic meal recipe standard, researchers have found that oysters (among some other shellfish) were rich in some unusual amino acids that trigger increase levels of sex hormones in the body.


Vitamin E has a direct effect on both fertility and sexual functions. Even recommended to treat impotence, vitamin E is often called the reproduction vitamin. Guess what veggie (and a rather phallic one at that) is full of it? Yep, asparagus. Check out our roasted asparagus recipe, perfect for a romantic Valentines dinner. (coming soon.)

You can also find plenty of vitamin E in spinach and parsley. A good excuse to add green veggies to that romantic meal recipe.

Ginger is a popular aphrodesiac ingredient.


Ginger, that sharp and tasty root, has been shown to increase sexual gratification and help to promote better sexual health. Throughout history, ginger has been associated with many positive sexual effects. Added to a spicy Indian or Chinese dish, it's a wonderful aphrodisiac addition when cooking a romantic dinner.


Casanova, again, with his oysters and champagne. Did that guy ever eat anything normal? Well, Casanova was said to have given champagne to each woman he was out to seduce-- and she would fall immediately under his spell. Maybe it's just the fact that the alcohol helps you to feel less inhibited, but the truth is... there is something special and romantic about a bubbling glass of champagne. You can't plan a romantic dinner without it.

Our Aphrodisiac-Filled Romantic Meal Recipe

This recipe is a delicious and elegant way to get lots of aphrodisiac ingredients into one romantic Valentines appetizer.

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Oysters with Frozen Champagne Mignonette

Oysters for a Romantic Dinner for Two
24 fresh, raw oysters
1/4 C. shallots
3/4 C. high-quality pickled ginger
1/2 C. dry champagne
1/2 C. sugar
2 tbsp. fresh ground black pepper
3/4 C rice wine vinegar
1 tbsp. chopped chives

Instructions: In a food processer, combine shallots, ginger, champage, sugar, pepper, and vinegar. Puree on med-high speed one minute.

Pour mixture into a pie plate and freeze several hours.

Clean and shuck oysters. Place them on a serving platter. Remove champagne mignonette from freezer, and scrape one teaspoon of mignonette onto each oyster.

Sprinkle each oyster with chopped chives. Serve immediately.

A fresh and seductive romantic meal recipe to begin your romantic Valentines dinner or celebration!

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