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Screw the Dealer: A Fun Drinking Party Game

This is a really fun drinking card game that really makes you drink a lot... especially at the end! It's a very simple simple game that 4 to 6 people can play.

All you need is a deck of cards and lots of beer. Each guesser gets two guesses.

1. The first player starts off the by asking the person to their left to guess the card on top of the deck. If they guess the card right, the dealer has to drink 10 times... that's ten drinks! If the person guesses wrong the dealer will tell them if the card is higher or lower then what they guessed.

If the person gets it right the dealer has to drink 5 times. If they get it wrong the person guessing has to drink the difference between the card they guessed the second time and the card it actually is.

Here's an example of game play: the dealer is holding a 4 and the guesser on his second turn guesses a 10. The guesser has to drink 6 times.

2. You put the cards down face up in numerical order after each turn.

3. This is where the dealer can really get screwed. After the dealer has 3 people get it wrong in a row they pass the deck to the left. If the dealer has 2 people get it wrong and the 3rd person gets it right the dealer has to start over and get 3 people get it wrong in a row before passing the deck on to the next person to deal. If this happens, you're going to end up with a druuunk dealer!

4. Now here's where the dealer gets double-screwed: Whoever the dealer is towards the end will have to drink the most! Why? Because you've placed all the already-pulled cards face-up on the table. With all the cards face up on the table you can see what numbers are no longer in the deck, making it easier to guess which card the dealer may have pulled. Drunk city!

This game is a load of fun, and simple enough that you can play it while very, very drunk... which, when you're playing this, is inevitable!

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