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Short Mothers Day Poems:
5 Cute Poems for Kids and Grown-Ups

The act of writing sweet and short Mothers Day poems to do something nice for Mom leaves most people scratching their heads. Exactly how do you do it? How do you write cute Mother's Day poems (or help you children put together poems for Mothers day for kids) when you're far from Shakespeare?

More easily than you might think... especially if you get a little help. Writing sweet, loving, or cute Mother's day poems doesn't have to be as hard as you might think. Just read on for some examples of short Mothers Day poems, and ideas on how to make any poem your own.

These short Mothers Day poem starters and ideas will help you get going! You'll also find more ideas for homemade Mothers Day ideas and gifts here. Including a whole page of Spanish Mothers Day poems!

The Rules of Writing a Mother's Day Poem

The first thing you need to understand about short Mothers Day poems is that there really are no hard and fast rules when composing poetry. Yes, there are different types of structure in poetry... but you don't have to know all the jots and tittles to come up with a good poem.

A short poem for Mothers Day for kids

Looking for Inspiration. Now, I will tell you that you could cheat and go to various websites that offer Mothers Day quotes and pre-written poems. They're helpful when you don't know what exactly to say or if you hit a patch of angst-ridden writer's block. However, try using them for ideas first. Sometimes, that's all it takes to get a poem flowing.

Planning and Timing. Planning to write a short Mothers Day poem for your mom this year? It's a good idea if you give yourself some lead time for this project. Trying to write a poem, say, three hours before you plan to give Mom her gift puts more pressure on you than necessary. You want time to ponder the words, the memories, and the meaning.

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Cute Mothers Day Poem Ideas/Poetry Starters

Your poem doesn't have to rhyme, it doesn't have to be mushy, it doesn't have to follow some rule of artistic perfection... it just needs to be meaningful and from the heart. The ideas for writing a Mothers Day poem below are the perfect thing to help you get started.

These poem ideas for Mothers Day are great as part of any homemade Mothers Day gift idea!

Mothers Day Poem Idea 1: A – B – C Mom

Among the different ideas for relatively short mothers day poems, the A-B-C poem is a good, straightforward choice. For this poem, you use each letter of the Alphabet followed by a few words that describes your mom, your memories, and how you feel about her. For example:

A strong woman
Brave and beautiful
Creative & caring
Good listener

As you can see that poem can go together pretty quickly and still have tons of good thoughts in it!

A good variation on this is to do her name:

Life With Mother (Suasna)
Sundays making waffles; squares of maple syrup
Under your wing I always felt safe
Sprinklers in the garden, your laughing face in the sun
Always cracking up at the dinner table
Never did I realize how lucky I was
A perfect Mom in every way

You can make this kind of Mothers Day poem idea as mushy or as basic as you want. Because it's so simple and flexible, this is probably the best kind of poem for Mothers Day for kids to write. They won't need much help!

Mothers Day Poem Idea 2: What Moms Do

A second framework for a short Mother's Day poem might be to focus on what Mom has done for you. To start this poem, make a list of the various contributions mom has made to your life. Also think about those little things she does each and every day to keep people healthy and happy. Use that list to kick off a poem-like letter. For example:

Dear Mom:
When I think of writing you a poem, there are too many words.
The words begin with I love you and end with you're amazing but in between is so much more.
The time you walked my bike home in the rain because I got a flat
The time you didn't say a word about my date, even though I know you worried
The time you let me have cookies for breakfast

You get the picture. Sweet, right? I like this idea for writing a cute Mothers Day poem because you can make it as long or as short as you like, and you can be very specific about who your mother is for you.

Mothers Day Poem Idea 3: Our House without Mom

This idea for a Mothers Day poem is a little different than the others here, because it looks at composition from the opposite angle: what life would be without Mom.

Think for a moment of what your house and family would be like if Mom weren't around. That's the foundation for this poem: your appreciation of her efforts, and letting her know you actually NOTICE them. For example:

Without You, Mom
Without Mom's smile our house would seem dark and dreary
Without Mom the little corner on the rug would never lie straight
Without Mom food wouldn't taste like love and hugs (and occasionally burnt toast)

Just a few lines more and you have a great poem that your mom will stash away in a safe place forever. This is also a good, easy poem for Mothers Day for kids... they'll just need a little help!

Mothers Day Poem Idea 4: The Meaning of Mother

Next in our list of short mothers day poems, you can write about the meaning of the word "mother." Do this somewhat like the ABC poem beginning with m – like so:

Mom means Love
Our home held together by her hands
The energy she gives
Her caring, gentle ways
Ever aware, always there
Reaching out to brush my bangs from my eyes

See how that works? The lines can be longer or even more than one sentence if it helps get your ideas out. You can even be silly, and spell out a message with your poem, like "Mom Rocks" or "My Nutty Mama" or anything you like!

Mothers Day Poem Idea 5: What Mom Taught Me

The framework for this poem is repeating the phrase "what Mom taught me" (or you can choose something similar if you have a different sentiment you'd like to explore, such as "what Mom gave me," etc). For example:

What Mom Taught Me
What Mom taught me was to fix things when I mess up (being sorry isn't always enough)
What Mom taught me was to get out of the rain unless I wanted to dance in it.
What Mom taught me was to face each day with fierceness

And continue as long as you want. Be sure that each one is true and meaningful for YOU!

As you can see short mothers day poems don't have to be great works of literature. They just need to come from the heart.

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