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Spanish Mothers Day Poems:
Poems in Spanish with English Translations

Whether your want to celebrate her heritage or just do something different, Spanish Mothers Day poems are a great homemade gift to give to Mom. But if your Spanish isn't as good as you'd like it to be, recognizing a good poem for Mothers Day in Spanish can be hard to do!

Here, you'll find lots of ideas for poems for Mothers Day in the Spanish language, each one with its English translation. And when you're done looking through these Spanish Mothers Day poems, you can also find more Mothers Day Ideas on this page, including a whole page of Cute and Short Mothers Day Poems (in English).

A Spanish Mothers Day Poems Collection

Here are some beautiful Spanish Mothers Day poems that are sure to warm Mama's heart. When you read them, you'll find a lot of strength and sentimentality to them-- that's just a part of the Spanish language! And if you don't read Spanish as well as you'd like, don't worry if the English translations sound a little odd... some things are hard to translate and sound much better in English!

Para Mamá

El instante mágico de cada día nos ayuda a cambia
Nos impulsa a la búsqueda de nuestros sueños...

Porque me diste la vida, me enseñaste a soñar, a luchar...
Me tomaste de la mano y enseñaste a caminar.

Porque cada día le agradecemos a Dios por tenernos...
Porque solo necesitamos mirarnos, darnos un abrazo y limitarnos a sentir...

Nada más hace falta, pues lo que nos une es tan puro y simple, tan único!
!Te amo, eres quien me dio y enseña mucho de la vida,

Eres parte de mi, como yo fui (y sigo siendo) una extensión de la tuya.
Gracias mami, gracias por todo. Feliz Día.

English Translation of this Spanish Mothers Day Poem:

For Mom

The magic moment of each day helps us change
It pushes us to search out our dreams

Because you gave me life, you taught me to dream, to fight
You took my hand and you taught me to walk

Because every day we thank God we have each other
Because we only need to look at each other, hug each other, and just feel

We don't need anything else; what unites us is so pure and simple. So unique!
I love you; you're the one who gave me life and taught me so much about it.

You're a part of me, just as I was (and still am) a part of you.
Thank you, Mommy. Thank you for everything. Happy Mother's Day.

Mamá Querida

Mamá querida
Mamá cuánta alegría por tenerte a mi lado,
usted que me supo dar
todo cariño y guiar por la vida.

Usted que dio su tiempo
para hacernos crecer
con paciencia y amor.

Mamá dejame guiarte ahora
por la senda de mi camino,
déjame mostrar mi mundo con amor y valor.

aunque nunca te pueda pagar
por tanto amor,
te doy mi amor completo
y te enseñaré todo lo que conocí.

Gracias mamá por estar junto a mí,
que DIOS te bendiga eternamente.

por Minerva Dirsk

English Translation of this Spanish Mothers Day Poem:

Dearest Mother

Dearest Mama,
Mama, so much joy to have you at my side
You who knew how to give
All the love and guidance in life

You who gave your time
To help us grow
With patience and love.

Mama, let me guide you now
Along the path I'm taking
Let me show you my world with love and courage

Mama, though I'll never be able to repay you,
for so much love,
I give you my own love fully,
and I will show you everything I learned.

Thank you, Mama, for being beside me
May God bless you eternally.

A Una Madre

Tú me miras, ya lo sabes
tú me miras, ya lo sé
me miras y la conexión está hecha
me miras y me siento bien.

Tú me anclas a la seguridad con tú mirada
sólo siento el hueco de tú marcha forzada.

La paz de tú mirada escaneando mi estado
tú ausencia me incomoda, pienso y me entristece.

No quiero dejar de recordarte, no puedo olvidarte.
Me gustaría en mis pensamientos tenerte presente
y que mis ojos no se entumeciesen.

Toda una vida dedicada a un esfuerzo sin recompensa,
tus hijos son tu vida, tus hijos tu alegría.

Gracias por tu esfuerzo,
gracias por convertirme en lo que soy.
Nunca podré devolverte el esfuerzo
...esfuerzo sin medida, esfuerzo sin interés.

Te querré siempre... allá donde estés.

English Translation of this Spanish Mothers Day Poem:

For a Mother

You look at me, you already know
you look at me, I already know
you look and the connection is made
you look and I feel okay

With a look, you anchor me to safety
I only feel a void when you're away

The peace of your look, seeing how I'm am
I don't like your absence; I think and get sad

I don't want to stop remembering you; I can't forget
I want to have you in my thoughts alwaysv and that my eyes don't shed a tear

An entire life dedicated to toil without reward
Your children your life, your children you happiness

Thank you for your toils
Thank you for making me who I am
I'll never be able to repay you for your toils
Toils without limit, selfless

I'll love you always... where ever you might be.

Cuatro letras dicen Mamá

Fueron tus ojos los primeros que yo vi,
fueron tus manos las primeras que sentí
y tu cuerpo fue mi habitación.

fueron tus manos las primeras que sentí
y tu cuerpo fue mi habitación.

Y tu sueño que fuera el mejor
y tuviste mi comida siempre caliente,
me enseñaste que a la vida hay que hacerle frente.

Y me diste el primer regaño
y me diste el mejor regalo: vivir.

cuatro letras unidas que dicen tanto,
cuatro letras que siempre calman mi llanto,
cuatro que dicen: ¡mamá!
Felicidades. EN TU DIA.
English Translation of this Spanish Mothers Day Poem:

Four Lettersfor Mama

Your eyes were the first that I saw
you hands the first that I felt
and your body was my home

They were your hands, the first that I felt
And your body was my home

And your dream was the best,
and you always had a warm meal ready,
you taught me that one must face life head-on.

And you gave me my very first gift
and you gave me the best gift: Life.

Four letter together that say so much
Four letters that always quiet my tears
Four letters that say: Mama!
Happy Mother's Day.

Spanish Mothers Day Poems for Children

¡Qué azul es el cielo!
¡Qué blanca es la arena!
¡Qué linda es mi madre,
tan dulce y tan buena!

English Translation of this Spanish Mothers Day Poem:

How blue is the sky!
How white is the sand!
How beautiful is my mother,
so sweet and so good!

Written by: Verónica Bonfiglio Zanelli, 10 years old

Me dio la vida,
me dio su amor,
y yo se lo pago
con mi corazón.

Ella es muy linda
Ella es mi madre
Ella es la estrella
que mi camino abre.

English Translation of this Spanish Mothers Day Poem:

She gave me life
she gave me her love
and I repay it
with my whole heart

She iss so beautiful
she is my mother
she is the star
that guides my way

Written by: Lucía Olmedo, 9 years old

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