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St Patrick's Day Games:
Party Game Ideas for St Paddy's

With such a relaxed, easygoing holiday, St Paddy's will always be fun. But these St Patrick's Day games are guaranteed to make your fun holiday party a real blast for everyone involved.

St Patricks Day Party Games and Drinking GamesBecause everybody has a different idea of what makes a fun St Patrick's Day party game, you'll find a selection of different types of Saint Patricks Day games below. Some are drinking games, and so of course for adults only. Others are great for kids, adults, or a mix of both. Have fun with it!

I've also got a whole page of creative party games here. Many of these games can be adapted to St. Patrick's Day with a little tweaking (think: green, Irish, shamrock, gold, etc.). Get creative!

Also check here for some great St. Patrick's Day Cocktail Recipes to go with some of these drinking games!

Or go here for instructions on how to make green beer for any of these games!

Leprechaun Coin Treasure Hunt Game

I love the idea for this St Patrick's Day game for a party, because it can be played by anybody. Set it up for kids to give them something fun to do. Or set up an adult version for a grown-ups' party. Or have the kids do one outside, and the adults inside... have fun with it!

Set-Up and Supplies:

To play this easy St Patrick's Day game, all you need is a bunch of plastic gold coins (or gold-foil-wrapped chocolate coins), a little gift bag or other container for you guests, and a bit of genius for hiding things.

How to Play:

This St Patrick's Day game works just like an Easter egg hunt! Hide coins all over the inside and outside of your house (or just the outside if you don't relish the idea of your guests sifting through your possessions). Then set your guests free to find them. The three people who collect the most coins win a prize.

Alternate (More Fun!) Rules:

This can be a simple St Patrick's Day party game, sure, but you can make it more complex if you want. Some fun ideas are:

St Patricks ShamrockCoin Hunt Drinking Game: Make this into a St Patrick's drinking game by adding instructions to each coin (make up little white stickers ahead of time-- it'll be much easier). Write things like: "take 1 shot," "assign one shot," "down your drink," etc., on each coin.

St Patricks ShamrockRestrictive Rules Version: Make collecting coins harder by adding restrictive rules to each one (like the variation above, but minus the drinking). Examples: "If found, you must give three coins to nearest person" or "To keep this coin, sing at the top of your voice for 30 seconds." As you can see, you can play around with this a LOT. It's a ton of fun.

St Patricks ShamrockBlindfolded Coin Search: Make people work in teams, one blindfolded, the other seeing. The seeing team member --who has their hands tied behind their back-- has to direct the blindfolded one.

Shot Potato Irish Party Drinking Game

This St. Patricks Day drinking game, a grown-up take on the classic game of hot potato, is a ton of fun-- and it couldn't be simpler. Perhaps it isn't all that Irish. But the addition of a potato to anything gives it a little bit of an Irish touch, right?

Set-up and Supplies:

All you need to play this game is a nice-sized potato (nah, it doesn't actually have to be hot), which can be a plain potato or a decorated one-- paint shamrocks all over it if you want. Oh, and some shot glasses. Even better, force each player to wear their shot glasses around their necks. That way, they'll never have an excuse not to do their shot!

How to Play:

Ever played hot potato as a kid? Well, Shot Potato is exactly the same... except that instead of going out when the timer goes off, the "loser" is punished. With a shot.

Put on some music --Irish or Celtic, of course!-- and, when the music stops, whoever is holding the potato is the loser... and the shooter. You can keep it Irish by making it a shot of Irish whiskey or one of these Irish-themed cocktails if you like. Or use whatever you want. If you plan to play a long time and don't want to make your guests sick, you can do shots of Guinness or green beer, too!

Alternate Rules:

You can choose whether to make this St Patrick's Day game a simple timed game, or one with more complex rules. To keep it simple, set aside a certain amount of time to play (say, 30 minutes) and play as described above.

St Patricks ShamrockThe "Double Punishment" Version: Each time a person is the "loser," in addition to taking a shot, they also have to hold onto the potato an extra 3 seconds when it goes around again. If they become loser again, that 3 seconds becomes 6, etc. The winner is the person who has had to take the least number of shots. As a prize, that person gets to assign one last shot to 3 other people.

Or make up some rules of your own! This a pretty flexible St Patrick's Day game... so get creative!

Blarney's Beer Pong Drinking Game

Beer PongBeer Pong is a classic! And because there are roughly 7 gazillion sites on the web that go into how to play it (and because I'm lazy), I don't plan on going into detailed instructions here. You can find it anywhere!

Also look out for alternate versions of beer pong, like Paddle Beer Pong (pictured right) or Football Beer Pong.

But here's a fun way to turn Beer Pong --which some people consider to be the world's best drinking game-- into a great St Patrick's Day game. Green beer, baby! 'Nuff said.

Build Your Own St Patricks Day Contest

You don't need to put a lot of preparation or even creativity into your St Patrick's Day games in order to make them a ton of fun for your guests. Sometimes the most entertaining St Patrick's party games are the ones where your guests do all the work. Like contests!

Contests are great St Patrick's Day party games because they're easily adapted to any group-- adults, teens, children, professionals, drunkards, you name it.

To set up a contest, simply announce to your guests that it will be taking place. If it requires preparation on their part, mention the contest in the invitation. Then simply buy a prize (or prizes) for the winner(s), and let your guests do all the work!

Some ideas for St Patrick's Day contest themes are:

  • A "Who's the Greenest" contest: the one wearing the most green wins
  • Set up an Irish whiskey or beer tasting: whoever guesses the most wins
  • A "Name that Irish Song" contest
  • Who can dance the best Irish jig
  • Who can peel the most potatoes in 5 minutes
  • Who does the best Irish accent (natives are disqualified!)
  • A "Make up a Limerick" contest

Get creative and have fun... almost anything goes!

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