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Super Bowl Home Party Games:
5 Game Ideas for Watching the Super Bowl

Sometimes Super Bowl home party games can add an extra element of fun to an already entertainment-filled party (after all, most of your entertainment is built right in: it's the game!)
But great party and buffet foods, some BBQ, and a few fun Super Bowl party games can take your party to a whole new level. If, that is, you know how to play them. Because sometimes people who aren't huge sports fans end up helping plan Super Bowl parties, you may not have any ideas about putting together Super Bowl games.

Just read on for everything you need to know! Or visit my page on Party Games to find party game ideas that you can adapt to create a Super Bowl home party game of your own. LINK

1. Field Goal Super Bowl Game

Playing a Super Bowl Party GameHave a smallish trash can set up somewhere around the house. Use pre-bundled pieces of newspaper to try and toss "field goals" during the commercial breaks or before the game begins. Everyone gets three tries at scoring a field goal.

Whoever misses completely is out of the game. The beauty of this is that it's a good icebreaker and doesn't really cost anything! If you're feeling a little more ambitious tape a set of chop sticks or something similar to each side of the can to make your goal sticks.

Photo by: ramseymohsen

You can choose to award a prize to the winner of this Super Bowl home party game, or just let the winner have bragging rights. This is also a fun one to transform into a drinking game.

2. Logo Pogo Party Game

This Super Bowl home party game can be played one of two ways. The first would be cutting out a nice variety of logos from sports magazines. As the host or hostess, it's your job to try to convince your guests that the logo belongs to a specific team (you can lie or tell the truth). When you're done weaving your tall tale everyone guesses if you've actually told the truth about a particular logo. Those that get the most right win the game. You can do this in teams. The alternative way is to have your collection of logos on a bulletin board. Everyone gets an answer sheet on which they write down the team they think the logo belongs to. The person who guesses the most correctly wins. This game can be done while people are watching the TV.

Note: Be sure to get logos from a variety of sports-- if they're all football logos, this Super Bowl home party game will be too easy for a room full of football fans!

3. Dive in the Pool (Super Bowl Pool Betting Game)

A football betting pool is one of the most traditional Super Bowl home party games there is-- and because it can get so fiercely competitive, it can also be the most fun. Before the first kickoff, everyone writes down their predictions of who gets the coin flip, how long the game will last, turnovers, scores and even the MVP.

The Money-Free Version: Not big on betting? A football pool doesn't have to be monetary. Instead you could have little party-favor style awards for each correct answer. Or you could turn it into a drinking game: for each correct answer that they get, the winners get to assign certain number of drinks to other guests. It's a lot of fun this way, and a nice twist on a traditional Super Bowl betting pool game.

4. Super Bowl Facts Drinking Game

Beer Bucket for a Super Bowl Drinking GameYou'll need to do a little research for this Super Bowl home party game. Put together a list of facts about the Super Bowl, including history, past winners and losers, etc (Wikipedia can be a good source for this). Turn these facts into trivia questions.

When playing, you can have people write down their answers or shout them out. You can have one prize per answer or one overall prize for the person who gets the most "trivia touch downs." You can also choose to play this in teams, where a team gets together to come up with an answer, or individually.

Some folks like making this into a drinking game where a guest will have to take a shot whenever they get a wrong answer.

5. Touchdown Cash Super Bowl Game

As each person arrives at the party they put a dollar in a cup. The cup gets passed to one person in the party at the beginning of every play (some variations have that person adding another dollar). The person holding the cup when a touchdown comes gets to keep the money. If you plan to do this several times, you can decrease the amount contributed to fifty cents a pass.

After the first touchdown, the winner gets to determine what will win the next pool of cash (such as the first touchback, or field goal). This adds a lot of extra spice to the game... so get ready to hear a bit of rowdiness and yelling!

Tips on Playing Super Bowl Party Games

While the game should be pretty entertaining in and of itself, Super Bowl home party games are a good way to warm up your party. They can help people get to know each other and also add to the overall excitement of the party-- especially when there's cash or drinking involved. The only caution is making sure you're not engaged in a party game when those big plays come on screen. It's a good idea to time game play so it won't interrupt the football game, or else it'll become more of a distraction than a fun activity.

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