Table Decorating Ideas:
Tips for Gorgeous Festive Tables

I like to think of myself as a creative person.  I like to create prettiness from a whole lotta nothing.  And you can’t really get more “a whole lotta nothing” than a table: a long, flat thing that you eat on.  How creative can you really be when decorating a table?

setting-gorgeous-tables-decoratingJust take a look around my blog and you’ll probably see how pretty tables can really be. Setting and decorating a table for a dinner party, a wedding, or a holiday celebration is an exercise in versatility… there are an insane number of ideas and options out there that you can get lost for days in internet limbo looking at it all. And there’s a ton to think about: your event’s theme, it’s tone (formal or informal?), your budget, time, creative talents…. It can all seem like a lot of work.

But it doesn’t have to be. With a little thought and some time on this page, creating a beautiful, special, impressive table can be easier than it look. Here, you’ll find tons of resources to help you work through every element of setting and decorating a beautiful table, including:

  • Ideas for Creative Table Centerpieces
  • Practical Table Setting Guidelines (Formal and Casual)
  • Dinner Themes and Unique Table Decorating Ideas
  • Ideas for Place Cards, Favors, and More!

I’ve also got lots of pics and resources for putting together a dinner table centerpiece right here.

Table Setting Guides and Help

Formal Dinner Table Setting

Formal Dinner Table Setting

Tips on how to put together a formal dinner table, including a formal table setting diagram, etiquette tips, and more.  This is for your fancy pants people out there who have to have each fork in exactly the right place.

Basic Table SettingBasic Table Setting

An overview of the basics of setting up a nice but informal dinner table. Plus some good simple ideas for putting together a pretty dinner setting. A good guide to start with, just to make sure you have more or less everything you need.

Buffet Table SettingBuffet Table Setting

Practical tips for setting up a buffet for a dinner party, holiday dinner, or a wedding. From how to arrange your buffet food to how to lend it visual appeal.  This is THE place to visit if you’re doing a buffet instead of table service, and want to make your buffet service areas as pretty and special as your dining table.

Table Decorating Ideas and Tips

Buffet Table Setting IdeaCreative Buffet Table Settings

Lots of photos and some really good ideas for decorating a buffet table creatively. You’ll find pics of some of the most original buffet tables ever– a great place to search for ideas.

Buffet Table Decorating IdeasBuffet Table Decorating Ideas

Ideas for decorating a buffet table for a holiday or celebration, including creative ways to set up your food so IT is the star– which takes some of the pressure off of you to make things pretty.  Yay.

Dinner Party ThemesDinner Party Themes

How you want to decorate your table depends hugely on whether or not you’ve got a theme in place for your dinner or party. Themes actually make your life easier, because they narrow down your choices, and guide your general aesthetic: which is why it’s easier to decorate, say, a gorgeous Christmas dinner table than it is to put together something that feels really special for a fancy dinner in the middle of March. Check here for some fun theme ideas to guide your planning.

Ideas for Dinner Table Centerpieces

Cheap Centerpiece IdeasCheap Centerpiece Ideas

I am all about doing things CHEAP and chic. But you never want your table settings to LOOK cheap. These are all really fun ideas for inexpensive centerpieces that you can mostly do at home. These look much more expensive than they are!

Inexpensive Table Centerpiece IdeasInexpensive Table Centerpiece Ideas

These ideas for dinner party centerpieces don’t break the budget, but look very posh indeed. Lots of great ideas for and photos of neat centerpieces– using things other than fancy-schmancy (and fancy-pricey) flowers to get a gorgeous tablescape.

Holiday Table Decorating

Table Decorations for THanksgivingTable Decorations for Thanksgiving

Creative ideas for table decorations for Thanksgiving dinner. Pretty autumn centerpieces and other Thanksgiving-themed table decoration ideas!