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Top Selling Christmas Gifts:
Ideas for Gifts for Him or Her

The holidays can leave you scratching your head for gift ideas. Fortunately, the top selling Christmas gifts this year can sometimes be the perfect answer.

Even if you don't actually buy the year's popular Christmas gifts --they're not always the "ideal" item-- the things people are buying can give you some gift ideas you might not have otherwise had. You'll almost always find something to spark an interest!

History Repeats Itself?

From year to year, that "one item" that sells like hotcakes seems to change-- or at least the style of it will change. That said, there are some things that seem to remain firm in their popularity year after year. Timeless gifts are things that people use frequently, will always love, or tend to run out of during a year's time (yes, including socks, haha.).

No, socks aren't necessarily a good idea. But sometimes looking at the top-selling Christmas gifts through the years will uncover a few great options... for him AND for her.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Pretty Wrapped Packages for ChristmasAs a woman myself, I tend to think that shopping for women is way easier than shopping for men. Most of us have so many interests and get excited about the small things in life-- like a new eye-shadow or a book by our favorite author.

But that doesn't necessarily mean shopping for women is easy. Especially for guys who aren't very good at picking out eyeshadow!

Coming up with Women's Gift Ideas

One of the best things you can do for women is listen to them throughout the months prior to the holidays. Most of us will drop gentle (and sometimes blatant) hints, or even just point at things we love while passing shop windows. Pay attention!

Really, guys. This is very good advice! In the months leading up to Christmas, create a little document on your computer and use it to jot down things she mentions wanting. It may seem like a pain but it will make your Christmas SO much easier. You'll thank yourself in the long run.

If you're not getting any clear signals from conversation, you can think outside the box! Try:

  • Asking her friends if they know of anything she might want or need
  • Thinking about her hobbies and the associated gear they require
  • Expensive entertainments she's always wanted to do, like the theatre, etc. (hint, this gift is more fun if shared with one or more people)

Now, it doesn't matter what your price range is. After all, if the woman you're buying for won't like the gift then it's silly to spend big bucks on "high end" industry names or pricey occasions.

7 Top Selling Christmas Gifts for Women

What are some of the items that get purchased for women time and time again? Some of the top selling Christmas gifts for women are:

1. Pajamas. Ok guys, I've got to start this off with a disclaimer: this is not a gift for YOU. It's for her. So make those jammies something she can use any time and anywhere (or maybe get two-- one lightweight for summer and something warm and cozy for cold winter nights). This is not an excuse to ask her to wear lingerie for you-- though that can make a nice gift, too!

2. Pampering. Massages and trips to the spa never go out of style! Don't know what treatments she wants? Just get her a general gift certificate and let her choose.

3. Jewelry. Jewelry will always be one of the top selling Christmas gifts for women. Look for timeless pieces like a simple drop necklace with a solitary pearl. This can be fancy or casual and goes with nearly everything. Don't have the money to buy "real" jewelry? Shop on eBay or other places online for cool vintage costume jewelry. It's inexpensive, but it's original and has tons of personality.

4. Gadgets. Despite all those rumors to the contrary, women like cool "toys," too-- be it a new mobile telephone, a camera, or nifty chef gear for the kitchen. This is one area where you can find something whimsical and funky that is still wholly functional and will be used day after day.

5. Fragrance. There's a reason why perfume ads saturate the airways at the holidays-- perfume is one of the top selling Christmas gifts of all time. Just be careful not to buy something to which she may be allergic!

6. Functional Art. If you can find a piece of art that has a daily function it's a win-win. Think about things like an art glass flower holder, or a hand fashioned frame for pictures.

7. Food. "Sweets for the sweet" came to be a popular phrase for a reason-- decadent treats are always going to be top selling Christmas gifts! Gourmet chocolates, a favorite wine, a bottle of expensive liqueur, or even a gift certificate to that new neighborhood bistro will all bring smiles.

No matter what popular Christmas gifts you choose for the ladies in your life, remember: I'm just somebody whose site you ran across on the internet. You know this woman far better than I ever will! So take the time to think about what she'll truly love before you commit to anything.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

As with women, not all of the top selling Christmas gifts out there will be wholly suited to the guys in your life. Some men are incredibly hard to buy for (they don't usually drop hints like women-- and don't tend to want so many "things"), but don't let that get in your way! There are always gifts and ideas you just haven't thought of yet.

Just a warning, though: whatever you do, don't give into the temptation to buy tools, ties, or other rather cliché items unless you know a particular item is something he really wants and needs!

8 Top Selling Christmas Gifts for Men

1. Say it with Sweets. A lot of men have a sweet tooth nearly as big as a woman's. Chocolate isn't just for the ladies! Find something rich and filling... nothing frilly.

2. Gourmet Food. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? That's true for Christmas gifts, as well! Find a good restaurant that offers fine gourmet eating and buy him a gift certificate. It's also a great excuse to break out the nice suit!

3. Travel kits. If he's on the road, travel kits are a wonderful gift that will bring you to mind every time he uses it.

4. Gift Baskets. Most men have at least one hobby or interest that can lend itself to a gift basket. Whether it's making gourmet pasta, fishing, or gardening, gift baskets are always fun to receive. And you can make them yourself, too. Even better!

5. Fitness Equipment. If he works out a lot, having fitness items at home is a great convenience that also encourages good health. After all, it's easy to avoid the gym... but not so easy to avoid something right in front of you every day! Some good choices are weights, fitness videos, and lightweight equipment.

6. Excitement. This is one of my favorite gifts to give to the men in my life-- and is one of those top selling Christmas gifts that will never get boring. Whether it's sky-diving, race-car driving, rock climbing, or a game of paintball, buy your man an "experience" he'll never forget. You can find these for sale almost anywhere these days!

7. Technology. This category should be about a page long-- technology gifts are the top selling Christmas gifts for men for a reason! There's so much out there that it's hard to name it all. Consider a GPS navigator, a netbook, a gaming system, a Bluetooth telephone, or even a book reader like the Kindle. Boys usually still love their toys no matter what age they are.

8. Watches. A good watch is always a wonderful gift for a man. It's best to choose something waterproof for those inevitable times when he forgets to take it off before getting in the shower, haha. Or choose one with a lot of history, like a WWII watch from eBay or something else that will spark his interest.

If none of these ideas seem quite right, try leaving some magazines he likes around the house. Pay attention to the advertisements he comments about. Or if worse comes to worst, check with some of his male friends and see if they can offer suggestions. You never know what he may have mentioned to them that he's never mentioned to you.

And have a Merry Christmas!

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