Top Ten Sweet and Sappy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

From traditional gifts to personalised presents, this list of the Top Ten Mother’s Day Gifts has lots of totally sweet and sappy ideas to choose from. And you know that we mothers are REALLY into sweet and sappy.  Bring it on!

Mothers Day Gift IdeasMoms do so much– but just one itty-bitty day each year to celebrate all that mothers do. Don’t let Mother’s Day go by without showing your mom how much you care… and how much you, um, appreciate the twelve screaming hours of labor she bore to bring you into the world. There’s no gift to top that, of course, but you can at least try!

You’ll notice there’s one common theme throughout this list: these are personal, heartfelt items that are meant to make Mom feel special. So don’t get her a new cutting board unless she loves to cook. The trick is to get Mom something that will make her feel pampered, appreciated, and loved.

So read on for some of the best, most timeless Mother’s Day gifts ever.

10. Home Items and Decorations

Chances are, your mom has a favorite room in the house. Does she love her office? Spend tons of time decorating her living or dining room?  Hide out and bake in the kitchen when she’s feeling sad? Home items are honored on our top ten Mother’s Day gifts because you can personalize them to your mom. From flowered pillows to sewing machines to a new sofa, Mom will love an addition to her favorite room in the house.

9. Activity Accessories

Chances are there’s something you mother loves to do above all else. Does she sew? Write short stories? Take yoga classes? One of the best gifts you can give you mother is something that shows how well you know her– and how well you know what she loves to do. So splurge on an item she wouldn’t buy for herself. An expensive yoga workout outfit with a nice yoga mat. A leather bound journal to record her thoughts. You get the picture. Not every gift you give has to scream “Mother’s Day”– it’s better if it just screams “Mom.”

8. Food Gifts

Chocolate Bars for Mothers DayThere are tons of wonderful food gifts you can buy for Mother’s Day. From simple chocolates to food bouquets (see the Mother Day Cookie Bouquet in the photo, right) to baskets, there’s no end to your choices. Is Mom a foodie who loves to cook gourmet? Put together a basket of exotic ingredients she’s never tried before (or can’t easily find). Try a basket full of curry spices, or exotic cheese, or nut oils, or pates… the sky’s the limit. Tie it off with a ribbon, and you’ve made one of the best homemade mother’s day gifts she’ll ever get.

Just a note, though… put this one your top ten Mother’s day gifts list only if Mom is not on a diet– she won’t appreciate being tempted by a torso-sized cookie if she’s trying to stay under 1500 calories a day!

Check out our Mother’s Day recipe page for some really fun edible food gift ideas.

7. Flowers

Bo-ring! Right?

Wrong. There’s a reason why flowers are such a popular gift for women… we love them. The more extravagant and expensive, the better. That’s not to say that Mom won’t be delighted with a bouquet of hand-picked daisies (because she will!), but there’s something extravagant about spending money on something beautiful that won’t last– it’ll make her feel good. Rule of thumb? Kids, get something simple (or better yet, hand-picked). Husbands? Go all out.

6. Perfume

Personal, elegant, feminine, and special. Nice perfume is wonderful to have… But it’s also expensive, and many women feel they can’t justify spending the money– even on their favorite scents. So pick up a bottle of her favorite perfume or, if she doesn’t have one, choose one you think suits her.

Mom is all stocked up on perfumes? Search for a perfume bottle instead– try eBay or your local antique market for a beautiful antique perfume bottle.

5. Mother’s Day Coupon Books and Certificates

This is one of those homemade Mother’s Day gifts that mothers always seem to love– and it’s as easy as printing out a few sheets of paper (or popping the kids down in front of a stack of construction paper and a pile of colored pencils). There are countless things you can do with a Mother’s Day coupon book. “Good for one hug.” “Good for one massage.”

Another great thing for kids to make are Mother’s Day certificates. Think you have the best mom in the world? Tell her so with a homemade “World’s Best Mom” certificate in a nice frame.

Want to do something more? Hire a cleaning company to deep clean the house from top to bottom while the family takes her out to a long lunch. Now that’s a gift she’ll really appreciate.

4. Clothing

Clothing is another personal item that can really show Mom that you know her. Buy her a piece that reminds you of her– a dress that would look great on her, or a sweater that is just her taste. Feel a little intimidated by the idea of buying “real clothes?” Go for accessories instead. It’s hard to go wrong with a scarf or a nice leather bag.

3. Spa, Activity, or Event Tickets

Mothers Day Spa TreatThis is number three on our list of the top ten Mother’s Day gifts for a reason: it never fails. There’s something wonderful about having a whole day (or even few hours if that’s all you can afford) to be pampered and taken care of. There’s almost nothing more relaxing than a Mother’s Day spa day with massages, facials, manicures, the works. And it’s something that most moms don’t have a chance to indulge in on their own.

Sound too traditional to you? Think about what Mom likes and buy tickets for her to attend something related. Mom loves football? Buy her tickets to the football game. Likes culture? Send her to a musical or an art exhibition. You get the idea. Or, if you have a really adventurous mother, think about buying her an “experience.” From bungee jumping to drag racing, there are all kinds of activities available for purchase for Moms who love a bit of adventure.

Think about special gifts to go along with your Mother’s Day spa certificate or event ticket. Maybe wrap Mom’s spa gift certificate with a pair of slippers or a towel with her name embroidered on it. Wrap her tickets to the football game with a helmet or ball. It’s these little extra gestures that make a gift special.

2. Family Photos: Frames, Objects, and Keepsakes

This seems like an obvious addition to the top ten Mother’s Day gifts, but it actually covers a whole range of Mother’s Day present ideas. You could simply plan to have a family photo taken and framed. Or pick a bunch of great photos and put them together in a frame or album. Or even have Mom’s favorite photos printed on tote bags, mouse pads, coffee cups, whatever! This is a great way to personalize Mom’s gift and make sure she knows you put a lot of effort in.

1. Jewelry

Personalized Jewelry for Mother's Day gift


Of course! Jewelry tops our list of the top ten Mother’s Day gifts because… you just can’t go wrong. If you have money to spend, a necklace, ring, or earrings are a never miss choice. Have a super sentimental mom? Buy her a piece containing the birthstones of all her children, or a diamond journey necklace which symbolizes her past, present, and future path in life.