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Traditional Desserts for Easter:
Easter Dessert Ideas

In general, most of the traditional desserts for Easter that you'll come across will be light, sweet tributes to spring. These Easter dessert ideas burst with spring colors in pale pastel pinks, soft greens, buttery yellows and sky blues.

Easter desserts are also often shaped like spring flowers, rabbits, lambs, bird nests, hats, baskets, eggs and crosses to celebrate rebirth and renewal. Sweets and candies for Easter can include chocolate, but often the focus is on fresh citrusy flavors, spring fruits, and playful presentations. Favorite desserts for Easter are light, airy and generally served cool-- probably because that is like the weather surrounding the season!

Traditional Desserts for Easter
This page is all about different traditional desserts for Easter... but you'll find tons more recipes for Easter desserts at my Easter Party and Dinner Recipes Page, including:

Traditional Easter Cake Ideas

Mr. Easter Bunny With Bowtie Easter CakeLamb Cake. Some especially traditional desserts for Easter are lamb cakes-- white cakes made in molds to look like lambs. These cakes are decorated with white icing or coconut to mimic the soft white fleece.

Easter Bunny Cake. Rabbits are also easy to make from cakes and you can find step by step instructions for how to make two different Easter Bunny cake ideas here!

Carrot Cake. A rabbit's favorite food in stories is the carrot and carrot cake is by far the most luscious spring cake dessert. This dessert takes a vegetable and makes a sweet treat that honors spring gardens. Find a recipe for a sunny, citrus-y carrot cake here, or a spicy, nutty carrot cake here.

Dainty Desserts. Families gather together and sometimes each person gets a petit four, a dainty dessert made of cake or cookies made to serve an individual. These dainty cake shapes are decorated in patterns of flowers, eggs and carrots.

Fruit and Citrus Flavored Desserts

Easter Dessert Fruit Tart Recipe with Cream CheeseCakes and Pies. The bright flavor of citrus lends tartness to Lemon Layer Cake recipes as well as Key Lime pie on many Easter tables. Lemon meringue or lemon cream pies bring the yellow color of buttercups, some of the first flowers of spring, to tables and tongues.

Possibly the most iconic Easter dessert based on fruit is Strawberry Shortcake. This layered dessert combines light vanilla cake with fresh whipped cream and ripe strawberries. Fresh tasting desserts don't have to be baked to be traditional. Fruits are often served with a simple sweet dip or layered on top of cakes and pies, as with this simple and delicious fruit tart. Easter tables aren't complete without some of these time-honored traditional desserts for Easter.

Lemon Curd. Lemon curd is a thick, creamy and tart cream that embodies lightness and freshness for spring. Lemon curd is a traditional Easter favorite partially because it can be spread on cookies, used to fill pies or added to tarts. Lemon curd is also a popular addition to almond cookies. Because it's not overly sweet, this is a traditional dessert for Easter that adults love, too.

Ambrosia. Ambrosia is a fruit dessert that blends oranges, pineapple, coconut and sometimes marshmallows in a sweet creamy base. This traditional dessert for Easter is sometimes served with red cherries to suggest the blood of Christ.

Classic Christian Easter Desserts

Some dessert ideas for Easter honor the source of this Christian holiday with Jesus' rebirth.

Hot Cross Buns. Hot cross buns are traditional sweet bread buns that are baked with a cross cut into the top as a reference to the death and rebirth of Christ. These are often sold warm just after Sunday services and eaten without waiting on Easter dinner.

Storybook Cookies. Another custom is to make Storybook cookies. The recipe for these cookies includes Bible verses that describe the story of Easter as each ingredient is added or the batter is mixed. These cookies are made as a teaching tool for young children to learn the story of Easter.

International Easter Desserts

Easter traditions vary from country to country, but some classic dessert offerings stand out. Ricotta cheesecake uses Italian cheese in a sweet way. Considered mostly an American specialty, Strawberry Rhubarb pie combines the sweetness of fresh fruit with the tart stems of the rhubarb plant for a bright red dessert. In Greece, the traditional dessert for Easter is made of honey and nuts. Baklava takes great patience to make with its many layers of thin crispy phyllo dough. Oh, and it's to die for.

You can check here for a whole bunch of great Italian Easter Dessert Recipe, too.

Fun and Silly Easter Desserts

Decorated Easter Basket Cupcakes Recipe with GrassWhile flavorful, classic, and traditional desserts for Easter are really wonderful, playful desserts cannot be overlooked-- because they're a ton of fun!

Fun Cookies and Treats. Cookies cut like rabbits and pastries that look like lilies are very traditional desserts. While nearly any dessert can be molded into symbolic forms, making chocolate candy nests is probably the most popular form. To make the nests chocolate is mixed with coconut, cereal, or oatmeal and formed into nests. Hard candy eggs are set in these after they cool and harden.

Homemade Chocolate Eggs. Whether as a dessert or a tread for a child's Easter basket, playful chocolate eggs in a bunch of different flavors are fun, easy, and provide a ton of variety.

Easter Cupcakes. Cupcakes are always traditional desserts for Easter, and there are tons of fun ideas for things to do with Easter cupcakes! Use jelly beans, frosting, and licorice to make Easter nest cupcakes. Or use marshmallows and decorators frosting to make big, puffy bunny cheeks. Have fun with it!

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