Prego! Italian Menus and
Recipes for a Dinner Party

Looking to put together a beautiful, delicious, and totally special Italian menu for a dinner party or a special celebration? Here’s some good news for you: your options are nearly endless!

Italian Dinner Party RecipesThere are all kinds of wonderful Italian dishes out there, and if you’re hosting an Italian themed get-together or cooking a special meal, you can combine them in all sorts of ways to create a really fun and special (and even authentic) menu that your guests will love.

Get all the tips and ideas and recipes you’ll need right here. From Italian wines, to tasty ideas for any dinner with an Italian theme, to some of the best recipes on the web, here you can find everything you need to put together an authentic Italian menu that will impress every palate.

Italian Dinner Menus and Recipes

Italian Dinner PartyEasy Italian Dinner Party

This menu has some of the best recipes if you’re looking for something quick, delicious, and impressive. Probably not my most authentic recipes, but they’re yummy and comforting and guaranteed to make everybody happy with a minimum of fuss.

Cooking Recipes Italian FoodElegant Cioppino Italian Menu

These are elegant and impressive recipes that are crazy flavorful– and some of my biggest favorites! The cioppino stew is a must try for anybody who loves seafood. Perfect served for a winter or a summer meal.  Gorgeous and SO yum.

Typical Italian Foods

Italian Spaghetti Sauce RecipesWonderful From-Scratch Marinara & Meatballs

A perfectly simple  recipe for how to make a typical Italian marinara sauce that’s totally bursting with flavor.  Pair it with these fabulous homemade meatballs for an Italian American meal fit for The Godfather.

Free Bruschetta RecipesBursting-with-Flavor Bruschetta Recipes

Some great recipes for that Italian classic, Bruschetta! Includes a classic bruschetta recipe and some ideas for more modern and creative versions.  All fresh and bright and delicious.

Recipes Italian Chicken ParmesanRecipes for Chicken Parmesan

Easy recipes for chicken parmesana and tips on how to cook this dish perfectly at home. It’s actually easier than you think, and probably the biggest crowd pleaser on the planet.

Eggplant Parmesan RecipeEggplant Parmesan Recipe

Two fabulous recipes for homemade eggplant parmesan. Flavorful, healthy, and inexpensive, there’s nothing quite like this ultimate comfort food made at home.

Crockpot Lasagna RecipeCrockpot Lasagna Recipes

Lasagna is one of the most popular Italian foods in the world– but it can be a pain to make. These recipes, one for classic lasagna and one for vegetable lasagna with white sauce in the crockpot, are as easy as they are delicious.

Italian Dessert and Cookie Recipes

Best Italian Cookie RecipeBest Italian Cookie Recipes

Great recipes for traditional and typical Italian cookies. From biscotti to wonderful pignoli cookies, these are wonderful, flavorful, authentic Italian cookies.

ITalian Creme Cake RecipesItalian Creme Cake Recipes

Delicious and traditional recipes for homemade Italian creme cake. Whether you want to bake one of from scratch or save time with a cake mix, you’ll find the right recipe right here.

Italian Easter Dessert RecipesItalian Easter Dessert Recipes

These great Italian recipes for dessert are must-haves for a typical Italian menu for Easter… but they’re also too good to have only once a year. The ricotta cheesecake is to die for. I want  one every day.


All About Italian Food and History

Italian Food HistoryItalian Food History

Article about the history of food in Italy, from common foods eaten in different regions, to how Italian food evolved, to what modern Italian food looks like today.

Italian Christmas TraditionsItalian Christmas Traditions

Italy’s incredible food is a reflection of an old country’s wonderful customs and traditions. Go here to learn how Chrismtas is celebrated in Italy– and why it’s so yummy.