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Unique Birthday Ideas:
Ideas for Party Themes, Food, Gifts, and More

Looking for a few unique birthday ideas for planning a birthday party? You've definitely stumbled across the right little corner of the 'net!

Setting up a Birthday Party
So... you've got special birthday is on the horizon and you've already done all the customary things throughout the years.

One year you threw a fabulous surprise party, another few you did special dinners, and year after year you've increased his or her personal collections (CDs, dragon figurines, whatever) with your birthday gifts. And you've definitely seen more of that same ol' cake than you'd ever want to!

So how on earth do you come up with unique birthday ideas that fit your budget and will please the birthday guy or gal?

The Basics of a Unique Birthday Celebration

Let's start with the basics! There are four things that typically go into making a birthday party unique. These are:

  • Location
  • Theme
  • Gifts
  • Guests

I'll go into some unique birthday ideas for each element below. But don't forget about the food! You'll find tons of party recipes and food ideas here at Divine Dinner Party.

Unique Birthday Party Location Ideas

Don't know where to host your party? That's almost a good thing... because starting with creative locations can give you the best unique birthday ideas!

Pick a spot where you've never had a party before. Now, this doesn't mean you have to go in blind. Get recommendations from friends, family, co-workers etc. Whether you want to party down on the top of a tall building with music and candlelight or out in a secluded glade – it doesn't matter. What matters is that your setting reflects the theme of the event or the outcome desired, along with what you know the birthday guy or gal will love.

  • Public Pool (or rent out an indoor hotel pool!)
  • The Neighborhood Bar
  • Art Galleries or Museums
  • Nearby Farm or Park
  • A Real Restaurant Kitchen (just call-- many allow this!)
  • Dance Studio
  • Mini Golf Course
  • Nearby Orchard (make apple/cherry/peach picking part of the party)
  • Fancy Hotel Room (no clean-up!)
  • Historic House or Building

Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Adults

Unique Birthday Theme Ideas

Zombie Theme Party Photo by: &y
Scary Spooky Birthday Party THeme IdeaOne of the best things about using themes for your unique birthday ideas? Theme is another way to really set your celebration apart from the throng... and it can also be a good way to make cheap birthday party ideas seem super special.

So ask yourself... what kinds of things really make your the birthday boy or girl's eyes light up? Do they love history? Well pick out an era and have a costume party. Do they crave specific foods? Then have a gathering where their favorite edibles get served.

If you're having trouble determining the best theme think about the movies, books, or hobbies the birthday person enjoys. That's a good starting point. For example, a Sherlock Holmes fan would be tickled pink with a Murder Mystery party. Some fun and unique birthday ideas for themes are:

  • Zombie, Vampire, etc., Party: make it scary... the further away from Halloween the better!
  • Four Seasons Party: everyone dresses from any season, different seasonal foods and decorations.
  • Biker Costume Party: make your home a biker bar for the night!
  • Color Party Themes: choose a color or combo of colors and have everything follow your color theme!
  • Karaoke Party: rent a karaoke machine and spend an evening annoying the neighbors.
  • Fortune Teller Party: fun for kids and adults' parties! Hire a fortune teller for the evening, and plan your party around a mystic theme.
  • Backyard Campground Party: set up different tents for different activities (like board games, etc.) and roast marshmallows and hot-dogs in the yard.
  • Trade-It Party Theme: have everybody bring an item to trade. They can either bring all the same item, like shoes, or different ones.

Whatever unique birthday ideas or themes you choose, you'll want some fun party games to go along with them!

Kids' Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

Then we come to birthday gifts! My first suggestion? Even more important than coming up with unique birthday ideas, what you really need is planning.... don't leave ideas for gift-giving to the last minute!

Learn what They Like. The best way to go about it? Start at least four months before the birthday. Set up a file somewhere in your computer where you can put ideas as you come up with them. Throughout that time, write down anything that they comment about, items that they mention in passing, something that a friend has that they drool over, and so forth. For example, one friend loves steampunk – well there are websites dedicated to offering hand made items in this style (and you could even create your invitations to match).

Match Your Theme. You can also choose your birthday gifts to match whatever theme you've chosen for a party. Whether it's Dora the Explorer for a young child or an "I love vodka" theme for a 21-year-old, gifts that follow whatever unique birthday idea you've come up with can make the whole thing seem a little richer.

Go by Year. Another approach to unique gifts is looking up the birthday person's year of birth and seeing what happened. Then give everyone who plans to attend the celebration a list of items that reflect that year. This makes a very cool collection that people can add to as years go on if they wish.

Your Birthday Party Guests

And what about the guests at your birthday party? If you want some really unique birthday ideas, let the guests get in on the fun!

Everyone Brings a Bit. One fun way to let the rest of the guests in on the fun is to coordinate gift-giving. Decide on a gift-giving theme, or on a particular gift that has many parts, and have each guests bring part of the gift.

Everyone Plays a Part. This is one of the best unique birthday ideas to play with your guests! Come up with a bit of drama to surprise the birthday guy or girl, and have everybody play a part in it. See how long it takes him or her to figure out it's all a rouse!

Play a Prank. If the guest of honor has a great sense of humor, play a prank on him or her! Tell him or her that the dress code is formal, and have everybody else come in jeans. Or say it'll be a small gathering and have 100 of his/her closest friend there. Have fun with it!

Invite a Surprise Guest. Here's another way to make for a huge surprise. Bring in a family member from out of town and introduce them as an "old friend". Wait to see how long it is before the birthday celebrant recognizes them! Seriously – this is fun, funny and incredibly touching.

Not sure what to do to get your guests involved in the fun? This page has a ton of party games and ice breakers to help you get started.

The Best Unique Birthday Ideas

Unique birthday ideas take a little creativity and time, but they're well worth the effort... and they don't have to cost a lot of money. When you create a memory, it lasts far longer than one celebration. In fact, these often become generational stories that amuse or inspire, and commemorate not only the birthday celebrant, but also your thoughtfulness.

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