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Unlucky Number

by donna

It's easy. It can be played in place, and it can be revised to fit any theme.

Here's how to Play:

Print out a sheet of paper with large numbers 1-6 in a list (72 font)

Explain that each guest is to choose a number by placing their finger next to that number. Roll a die. Call the number that is face up. If it reads "5", all the people who chose 5 are out, and they must fold their paper to show they are out.

A new roll begins, and everybody chooses a new number. (The people who are left may once again choose 5, as it is a new roll).

Continue until only five people remain. Have them come up to the front with their numbers.

The game continues, as others watch. Keep playing until one person is declared the winner. You can also opt to award prizes to last two players.

To Revise to Fit A Theme:
Choose, for example, 6 jungle animals. Have pictures or names of the jungle animals on the sheet of paper.

Instead of die, cut up one of the sheets and place the pictures or names of animals in a bag. Pull the "unlucky animal" and those having chosen that animal have to fold their paper and sit down. The animal picture/name goes back into the bag for the next game.

A fun game for kids or adults!

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