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Valentine Gift Ideas for Guys:
Good Gifts for any Relationship Stage

Coming up with Valentine gift ideas for guys can be a little daunting.

Let's face it... the customary tie, socks, tie clip, computer speakers, or briefcase doesn't seem overly romantic or creative. (It's important to note, however, that some guys really like to keep it simple and will be tickled pink over that type of gift.) But guys are just so hard to shop for! The key to picking a great gift? Knowing your partner, of course... and also having a good feel for the intimacy level of your relationship. Because a Valentine's Day faux pas can really mess up a good thing.

Looking for some great Valentine gift ideas for guys that will strike just the right note? Read on for a few of my favorites. Each one comes with a special "level of intimacy" indication, so you can match the right gift to the right moment in your relationship.

And if you're in a brand new (or not-quite-committed) relationship and looking for cute, no-pressure Valentine gift ideas for guys, skip down to the bottom of this page... you'll find some great ones.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

The Gift of YOU

Okay, ladies... we all know that there is one Valentine's Day gift the men in our lives value above all others: us! A romantic meal --and an even more "romantic" dessert-- is a never-fail way to make your guy happy.

The saying goes, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Very often that's true. But for a romantic night with your guy LINK, it can't be just any blah meal. It should be comprised of his favorites combined with some sexy finger foods you can feed each other. (Check here for a great romantic menu he'll love.) LINK Top this off with a bottle of wine, a hot oil massage to his favorite music, and breakfast in bed the next morning. I guarantee he won't forget this particular gift!

Intimacy Level: Pretty low-- as long as you're already doing the deed on a regular basis. But if your relationship isn't very serious yet, keep it light. Go easy on the candles and rose petals, and just make it fun.

Digital Photo Frame- 8MB Memory

Digital Photo Frame- 8MB Memory

Inexpensive digital photo frame holds seven photos-- put photos of you or whatever he wants!

Sexy Pinup Girl Costume

Sexy Pinup Girl Costume

Surprise him with this costume and guarantee him the best Valentine's day ever.

Digital Frame Keychain

Digital Frame Keychain

This inexpensive photo keychain is a little less "serious" than a full frame, and gadget-y enough that he'll love it.

Valentine's Heart Boxers

Valentine's Heart Boxers

These cute little boxers come with a coupon suggesting how to use them. Or make your own coupon and tell him where --and when-- you want him to wear them.

Cute Valentines Bow And Arrow

Cute Valentines Bow And Arrow

This little plastic bow and arrow set can be used creatively for a ton of different Valentines gift ideas for guys!

"Valentine's Gift" Girly Shorts

"Valentine's Gift" Girly Shorts

These little red booty shorts have a white ribbon surrounding them like a little present. Tell him he'll LOVE what he's getting this year...

Memories and Gadgets in One

Another fun Valentine gift idea for guys is a computerized photo frame that he can keep on his desk at work. Load in images of the two of you doing all the things you love together. But be careful to avoid any images that might bring up bad memories. And don't get TOO mushy. Have fun with your photos!

Intimacy Level: This comes in at a very high intimacy level! If you're not committed and haven't been together for long, this gift may freak him out.

A Silly (and Sexy!) Valentine Gram

This is one of the most fun Valentine gift ideas for guys! It's not a "real" gift, it's fun and lighthearted, and it's definitely sexy. Have a great time with your guy by sending him a sexy Valentine gram-- like a panty or a "lingerie for later" gram. A Valentine gram is obviously playful, and will get him laughing and excited at the same time.

There are lots of options for Valentine's grams. Some can be fun, while others can be outright daring and lustful. It all depends on the message you want to send. Oh, and one more very important tip: Make sure he knows who the gift came from! Though hopefully there's no one waiting for him in the wings...

Intimacy Level: Medium. If you know where he works and know he wouldn't feel strange about a package from you showing up there, then go for it. If it's sexy (undies) rather than romantic (flowers), the intimacy level is a bit lower.

A Techno Toy

If you've been dating long enough to shell out a bit of cash but don't want to go overly mushy, gadgets are some of the best Valentine gift ideas for guys that you can possibly buy. With techno toys, you can get something reflective of your man's personality without stepping into a more intimate space that could make you both a little uneasy.

Some Good Options: Think about gadgets and techno toys like good power tools, personal grooming products, MP3 players, a good watch, a video game for whatever gaming system he owns, an app for his iPhone, etc.

Intimacy Level: Low to medium. The level of intimacy you have to have between you to make this a viable gift depends on how much it costs. The more you spend, the closer the two of you should be.

Tickets to Something He Loves

If your man is anything like mine, a couple of tickets to, say, a basketball game is his idea of gift heaven. Is there something your man loves that he doesn't get to see that often, be it a play, a sporting event, or something else? A pair of tickets can be the perfect gift-- and chances are he'll be ecstatic to take you along. Though you might want to let him go with a friend, too, to make it a truly selfless gift.

Along these same lines, another fun Valentine gift idea for guys is an "experience." Lots of companies sell experiences like race car driving, scuba diving, parachuting, and the like. He'll love an exciting experience... just make sure it's something he's into.

Intimacy Level: Medium to high. In order to pull this Valentine gift idea for guys off, you've got to know just what your guy would love to do. And if you plan on attending with him, you have to know you'll still be together whenever the date on the ticket comes around!

Do Guy Stuff

More a Valentine's Day activity than a gift idea, one of my favorite things to do for my guy for Valentine's is "dude" activities. This means you go do something with him that's not normally your thing. Take him golfing (or miniature golfing if that's more your speed), go paint/balling, or play video games for the afternoon. Whatever he's into, give yourself up to it for the day!

You can also take him out to do something a little more Valentine-y, too. Take a night out visiting parks, great restaurants, drive-in theatres, or other romantic spots. Rent a gorgeous car and take him out for a banana split for two. Or double date with friends who are in a similar level in their relationship – a little company eases a lot of pressure. Hey, couple's Put-Put can be fun!

Intimacy Level: Medium to high. You've got to know what he likes to be able to choose the right activity, of course. You also have to be sure that he'll enjoy having you along instead of, say, his buddy Ted.

Valentine's Gifts for Committed Couples

Trips, Cruises, Dinner, Etc.

Caution! Enter this territory only if you're in (or pretty darned close to) the "I love you" phase of your relationship.

If you and you guy are committed, some of the best Valentine gift ideas for guys are things you do together-- especially if you have means to travel. From mini-trips like a dinner cruise, to moderate ones like a weekend getaway, to full on vacations, taking a trip together is a great way to grow closer... and give him something he'll love and remember forever.

Intimacy Level: As high as you can get-- except perhaps for jewelry. Or a tuxedo for the wedding.

Valentine's Gift Ideas for
When You're in a New Relationship

Looking for Valentine gift ideas for guys and are in a brand new, "baby" relationship? Most of the above suggestions might not fit the bill. Fortunately, there are some really interesting options out there that will allow you to be creative, and keep it light and fun. Some good ideas are:

Candy. Skip the frou-frou chocolates and go for something fun. Buy a sampling of candy from the year he was born, or just pick him up a grab bag of sweets he loves.

Clothes. Stay away from serious and go for silly. A pair of funny Homer Simpson socks, a cool, funny t-shirt, etc.

A Meal. Cook him dinner-- there's no quicker way to turn this "maybe" relationship into something more serious.

Music. Pick him up a great CD, or, to keep it simple, a gift certificate to iTunes.

Books. Even if he's not a big reader, there's almost guaranteed to be something he'll be into. A thriller. A book of photos of Paris. Movie trivia. The history of the Red Sox. You just have to know what he's into.

Baked Goods. Whether you buy a muffin basket from your local bakery or make a batch of brownies yourself, giving your sweetie some bakes sweets is low-key, fun, and thoughtful. The perfect touch.

No matter what the specifics of your relationship might be, the most important part about a Valentine gift idea for guys is that it truly illustrates that you've tapped into his uniqueness in some way. Be thoughtful. Take your time, and make the gift about him. Try not to read too much into it, and he probably won't either.

Valentines Rose Decoration

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