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Valentine Gift Ideas for Men:
10 Creative Gifts He'll Love

Coming up with Valentine gift ideas for men is hard!
Most men just aren't into buying that many things-- especially things they don't need. And anything fancy they do want (say, a new laptop or a great pair of running shoes) is generally something they want to buy for themselves. So it can get more than a little frustrating!

Fortunately, there are some gifts out there that are always a hit with the men in your life-- you just have to know how to adapt them to your man's tastes.

This page is all about general gift ideas you can adapt to any guy. If you're looking for more ideas for Valentines gift for guys, check here for a whole page on adapting the gift to the man AND your relationship.

You can also find my Top Ten Valentine Day Gifts for Women right here!

My Top Ten Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men

1. Gadgets and Technology

Mens Watch Cell Phone GiftOh boy, I'm so boring. Gadgets are number one on all my guy-gifts lists! But that's because almost all men love them.

While most guys (especially the ones really into technology) would rather pick up their own expensive items --he may be the only one who knows just how many megapixels or gigabytes he needs!-- there are lots of not-so-pricey gadgets that your man might love.

How about a digital headset for his favorite game system, or a solar-powered charger for his phone and other gadgets? There's also a GPS system – since we know guys don't like to ask directions, you'll never have to worry about getting lost again! You can also opt for one-of-kind items like a BluRay player, a Kindle, or the like. They cost more, but with so few models to choose from, it's easier to find one that satisfies his (if he's anything like my man) strict requirements.

Check this page for some more gadget-based gift ideas for men-- including some fun ones you may never have heard of!

2. The Gift of Entertainment

Media items are always great --and easy-- Valentine gift ideas for men. Why? Because chances are, no matter what your guy is into, there's something he really wishes he had on his shelf. If he's a music guy, or really into movies, or loves playing video games, or devours all the books he can get his hands on, there's bound to be something he'll love.

3. Personalized Fun Stuff

Funny Bacon T Shirt You don't have to break the mold with every gift in order to adapt it to your man's taste and personality. Basic personalized items are my favorite Valentine gift ideas for men for that very reason-- they're very personal, they reflect his personality, and they're easy to pick out. My favorite place to look for stuff like this stuff?


There, you can buy anything from a t-shirt with a Lord of the Rings quote on it, to a "Chuck Norris is God" baseball cap, to a mousepad with a picture of his dog. Or, hey, of your cleavage. Because there are countless designs there by countless visitors (or you can make and upload your own), you can find anything from silly to manly to math-geek to ultra-fantasy-dragonlore-nerd. Awesomeness.

4. Den or Office Accessories

Ever read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus? If you have, you'll know that every guy needs a space all his own: his personal cave. Some of the best gifts are things to make that space even more inviting for him. Think about items like surround sound speakers, a really comfy chair, a lap desk for his laptop, or a reading lamp.

These sorts of items make great Valentine gift ideas for men not just because they'll like them, but because you look cooler for having bought them. These items are just for him --which make them the best kind of gift-- and tell him that you're perfectly comfortable with him having his own space. He'll love you both for the gift, and for the gesture.

5. Watches and Clocks

Watch Gift for Valetnines DayI'm not sure what it is with men and clocks... but for some reason, timepieces always go over well. Be it a grandfather clock, a mantle clock or a skeleton pocket watch, these are always great Valentine gift ideas for men.

Don't want to pick up just any old watch from a department store? Look for something a little more special and personal. Is your man into history? Pick up an antique military watch from WWII on eBay. Is he a hip guy who loves a retro look? Grab him a chunky vintage Seiko from the 80's, or a funky wall clock made from Legos. Making the extra effort to adapt to his interests will make this an even better gift.

6. A Night Out

Now, for women, this gift usually involves dressing up, going to a show, and eating a nice dinner. And while this can be great for some men, most men will get more excited by something a little... different. Think about what your man is into, and then treat him to tickets. Whether it's concert tickets, sporting event tickets, or a gift certificate for skydiving lessons, this is a Valentine gift idea for men that will make him very happy.

Here's a hint: It's even better if you choose something that you know he love but you could live without. Making the gesture will always be appreciated.

7. Gourmet Food

For my husband, some of his favorite gifts are the food-related ones I give him. You can go anywhere with this! Cook for him, put together a tasty gourmet gift basket, sign him up for fruit of the month... whatever strikes you. Some of my favorite food gift ideas for men are:

  • Salsa (or BBQ Sauce or Hot Sauce) of the Month Club
  • A gift basket full of gourmet cheeses and crackers
  • A gift basket of cured Spanish meats, like jamon, chorizo, salchichon, etc.
  • A bunch of fancy, micro-brewed beers
  • A bottle of great wine or whiskey
  • A batch of homemade cookies, fudge, brownies, or cupcakes
  • A homemade dinner with YOU as dessert (find a great Romantic menu here).

8. Relaxation Accessories

Watch any man on his vacation (during which he doesn't once change out of his pajamas) and you'll know: most men LOVE to relax. Help him do it even more effectively with relaxing gifts. Think about items like a comfy back pillow with cushy arms and built-in speakers, a hammock for the back yard, wonderfully warm socks, or a luxurious robe. Or a massage from you!

9. Fun and Games

Pub Pong Party Game Relationships don't always have to be seriousness and work. The best Valentine gift ideas for men are all about having fun! Shop around for items that he'll have a great time with. Some are obvious, like a new gaming system or sports equipment. But you can also think outside the box. Look for an electric drum kit or the Rock Band game for his Wii or Playstation. Pick up a book of drinking games or the Simpsons version of Monopoly. Have fun with it!

Some of the best of these gifts are things that the two of you can do together. Paintball matches, jetski rentals, or scuba diving lessons. Make it something that will get the both of you laughing and enjoying being together.

10. Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are also number 10 on my list for women, so of course they show up on my Top Ten Valentine Gift Ideas for Men. They're easy, they can be personalized to what your man likes, and they always go over well. Plus, if you're in a relatively new relationship, a gift certificate is wonderfully casual. It says, "I care, but I didn't go overboard."

Unfortunately, the same can't be said of that sweater with the fuzzy red heart you were thinking of buying him.

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