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Valentine Gifts for Teenage Guys:
7 Creative Valentines Day Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Trying to come up with ideas for Valentine gifts can be daunting-- especially Valentine gifts for teenage guys.

Let's face it, one of the things that makes being a teenager so fun is... being unpredictable. Liking different things from day to day. Being hard to pin down. Plus, most teenage guys are not "lovey dovey" and not many of them are into romance-- which means normal, everyday Valentines Day ideas for a boyfriend are out the window for most teenagers.

My Favorite Valentine Gifts for Teenage Guys

So here you are, dating a teenage guy, and trying to find a gift. You probably want to turn around and run out of the store! Don't worry. The good news is that there are some great gifts for guys that aren't gooey, don't scream of violins and cherubs, and don't imply more commitment than he's ready for. Oh, and he may actually enjoy them.

If you're for more general Valentines Day ideas for a boyfriend, I've got several pages about shopping for men of any age. You'll find more good suggestions on:

But if you're searching for the perfect Valentine gifts for teenage guys, stick around. You'll find that right here.

1. Personalized Dog Tags

Dog Tags for a Teen Valentine Gift There are a lot of companies out there that will make customized dog tags that have nothing to do with being in the Military, but still have a very cool look. What you put on the tags depends on your guy and your relationship. Some people might put their initials, some might refer to a joke or intimate moment that brings a smile, and so forth. Some good ideas for personalizing them are:

  • Quotes he love
  • Lyrics from a song he likes
  • A phrase that sums up his life philosophy

I think this valentine gift for teenage guys always goes over well. You'll need a couple of weeks to plan and order it, but otherwise personalized dog tags are easy. And cheap. Just do a Google search and you'll find tons of options.

2. Funny Shirts, Buttons, or Accessories

Funny T Shirt for a Teenage Valentines Day Present

When a guy wears something you've given him, it's sort of like a secret little bond. Just be careful. Make sure you stick with your guy's style and be sure you really know his personality --or at least a lot about his interests-- before you start shopping.

My favorite shirts and things to get as Valentine gifts for teenage guys (or any guys) are personalized ones. You can either create your own design or choose from thousands of very specific, designs at a site like CafePress.com. They even have a section where you shop for your guy by type. You can find shops for:

  • Punks
  • Emo Guys
  • Skaters
  • Stoners
  • Slackers
  • Jocks

And more. Just plan a bit in advance, because all the t-shirts, buttons and things are made to order and take a little while to arrive.

3. Create His Fortune

This Valentine's day idea for your boyfriend is so fun! Fortune cookies. You can get customized fortune cookies online from a lot of different shops, or even make your own with nothing more than a printer and paper. What's cool here is that you could put different words in each cookie like a puzzle. As your guy munches, he slowly reveals your message (and he can share!).

4. A Silly Conversation Hearts Poem

This Valentine gift for teenage guys is perhaps a little more mushy. But it's also fun, lighthearted, and rather silly, because you're limited to the words on conversation hearts. Take a whole bag and begin "writing" your poem. When you're done, copy what you decided on for wording into a notebook. Now package up those hearts into a plastic bag and tuck them into a pair of new socks. Tell him he gets a kiss if he can figure out your poem!

5. Moon or Martian Land

Fun Guy Valentine Gift- Land on Mars!Yep, you can actually give your guy the world-- that is, land on the moon or on Mars. It's a little pricier than some of the other Valentines gifts for teenage guys on this page, but it's worth it-- because he'll always know he has a little space on the moon just from you. Perfect for those days he just wants a space to ?get away? and be alone. Haha.

You can also buy and name a star for your guy --a pretty classic gesture-- but that's a little more mushy and romantic, somehow.

One place you can find this sort of thing is moonestates.com. They send you a deed, a map of your land, and everything.

6. A Special Date

Decided that you don't really want to buy him something he can keep? Some of the best Valentine gifts for teenage guys (or any guys) are just moments spent together. Take him on a picnic or a boat ride. Make a couple of sandwiches and go paintballing or hiking together. Think about the things that he loves to do, and go do them with him. If you make an extra effort to make the day special, you'll be giving him the best gift possible.

7. Sweets

Special Cookies ROmantic Gift HomemadeHomebaked Goodies. If you're looking for Valentine gifts for teenage guys that are the perfect balance between sweet and casual, homebaked goodies are just the thing. When you make your boyfriend a batch of cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or whatever, you're definitely showing him that you care-- and that you're willing to make time to make him happy. But it's also a breezy and relaxed gift to give, and won't seem at all needy. After all, when he eats them, they're gone. What's more casual than that?

Sweets with Messages. Can't bake, or can't think of anything better than a box of chocolates? Hey, guys like candy too ? just wrap it cleverly so it takes time to open. You can even put a little message at the bottom of each chocolate so he sees messages from you as he eats them. The messages don't have to be mushy: things like "Wow, nice butt" or "Good for one kiss" are really fun.

Finding More Valentines Day Ideas for Your Boyfriend

No matter what their age, all guys are different. So not everyone will find something on this list of Valentine gifts for teenage guys that their boyfriend would love. That's okay. If none of these ideas comes close to what you think your guy might enjoy, then the next best bet is to ask his friends and family. If you can trust them to be honest with you (instead of, say, playing a prank and telling you he loves Peanut M&M's when he's actually allergic), the other people he's close to can give you some great ideas.

There's no question that figuring out the best Valentine gifts for teenage guys can be pretty hard. There are always worries about picking something that makes you seem relaxed, fun, and basically a fabulous girlfriend. But if you know your guy well, there's no reason you can't make his Valentine's this year.

And if you wrack your brain and can't think of even one thing he'll like? A really hot kiss always goes over well!

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