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If you're planning a Valentine's day party you may be trying to come up with some fun Valentine's Day games that will fit your company.

Games are a great way to warm up your party. They help to break the ice and can also be a way of tying your theme together if you have one. Plus, they're a ton of fun when you choose them well. Let's take a look at some ideas for suitable games for couples or for Valentine's Day themes.

You'll find more ideas for Valentines Day games, activities, recipes, and more at Valentines Day Central. Or adapt any of my other party game ideas for your Valentine's Day party!

My 7 Favorite Valentines Day Games

1. The "Know Your Partner" Game

This Valentine's party game is played a lot like the old Newlywed Game --you remember the one on TV, of course!-- used to be played. You ask for at least three couples to participate as contestants. Each partner gets a pad of paper, and you'll have to have questions pre-prepared.

Have the couples sit back to back when they write down answers-- no peeking! Each question has a point value. The "audience" (that is, the other guests) can vote on which couple will get the answer correct for each question. The couple with the most points wins some type of prize. The "voter" with the largest number of correct answers can will a prize, too, if you like.

And even those who don't win get to watch hilarity ensue!

2. Don't Forget the Lyrics

To start off this Valentines Day game, have everyone in your group write down words that have to do with relationships and love on slips of paper (one word per slip). These go in a hat or basket.

Now divide the attendees into teams. The first team picks out a slip of paper and has to sing a known song with that word in it (they have at least to sing the line of the song with the word in it). Note that it's ok to try to fake it– but if the other team calls you on it (when to comes to checking the authenticity of lyrics, have your computer ready and connected to the internet), and they're correct, they win the point.

Otherwise you keep going back and forth until a team can't think of a song to use, meaning the other team wins a point.

3. Rhyme in Time Party Game

You will need two index cards per person for this Valentines Day game. On one set of cards you write words that represent the realistic side of relationships (bad morning breath, scratching your crotch, skipping out on doing the dishes, etc.). On the other set of cards write passionate or romantic words (steaming hot kisses, candlelight dinners for two, dancing under moonlight, etc.).

Each person picks one card from each set at random and has to either write a poem or story (or whatever you want-- a little song, act out an ad-libbed scene, whatever!) based on those two images together. Go around the room and read the results out loud (or watch the performances). It's usually a great laugh!

4. The Clothing Swap Game

For this Valentines Day game, you'll need a bunch of men's and women's clothing that are large enough to go over regular clothes. (My suggestion? Drop by a secondhand shop and get some on the cheap.)

Put everything in a big box or hamper-- shoes, hats, socks, pants, skirt etc. You also need a stop watch or some type of good timer. Each couple in turn has to run to the box and try to dress in the opposite gender's clothing. They then have to run back to the "start" line and take that clothing off each other. The fastest couple wins.

Note: To make this more entertaining, be sure to pick up some complex women's underwear (think corsets or complex bras) for the guys to have to change into (or maybe a jock strap for the ladies?). To qualify as finished, they'll need to be wearing all the proper elements.

5. Love Song Challenge

For this you'll need some type of recorder and a variety of music that has love lyrics (wedding albums are good for this-- the cheesier the better!). Just like Name that Tune, you want to record just a little bit of each song and have people guess the title (bonus points if they know the recording artist or group). Team members are allowed to act out the song if no one can guess from the sample.

6. Love is Blind Valentines Party Game

This is such a fun party game for couples! In this activity you need a pair of people to act as spotters or shepherds. Before playing, men and women will be separated into groups, and each one will be blindfolded. After they're blindfolded, shepherd both groups into a large room together (set the furniture off to the side so nobody will trip!), making sure there is a good amount of space. The goal? Everyone has to try to find their partner without speaking at all.

The winning couple is the couple who finds one another first. You can also assign a task or a punishment for the losing couple if that sounds fun to you. This is one of the more flexible Valentines Day games you can play-- you can make it as simple or as complicated at you want.

7. Pin Dance

The question has been asked, "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" This game plays off that idea using a large piece of cloth or paper.

Each couple will stand on a cloth or paper (poster board of butcher paper work well) you provide them and, when the music starts, should dance together. Every few minutes (or after every song) you fold the cloth/paper in half. The couple who is able to dance on the smallest square without stepping outside its boundaries wins a prize.

Valentines Day games are a great way to flesh out a Valentine's party. And they certainly don't need to be mushy. In fact, a little silliness will make the whole event more fun! Just keep in mind any limitations your guests may have. Beyond that get a little inventive, add rules (almost any of these can be made into drinking games, for instance), and enjoy!

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