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Wedding Candle Centerpieces:
Ideas for Glowing and Gorgeous Tables

If you're planning a wedding reception on a budget, opting for wedding candle centerpieces instead of the traditional flowers can be a great way to decorate your reception beautifully... without breaking your budget. AND without ending up with something that looks cheap and homemade. What could be better?

Candles are perfect for wedding centerpieces because they're soft and romantic, very cheap to buy, adaptable to any theme... and unlike silk flowers or some homemade centerpieces, it's easy to make a candle wedding centerpiece look elegant and expensive.

Read on for some great candle and floating candle centerpiece ideas, with lots of great photos! When you're done, check out Wedding Centerpieces Central for more ideas for gorgeous but inexpensive wedding centerpieces.

If you're decorating for a wedding on a budget, check out this page chock-full of inexpensive centerpieces, too!

1. Sparkling Diamond Themed Candle Centerpiece

sparkling-diamond-bling-candle-centerpiece.jpgPlanning to do a diamond, bling, or sparkly theme for your wedding reception? Right here, you're looking at the best way to do it prettily and with class, and still stick to a budget. Definitely a winner. This one will probably only work for an evening wedding reception centerpiece, though, as you'll need dim lighting to get the right kind of shine.

How to Make this Centerpiece: This wedding candle centerpiece is actually pretty easy to put together. All you need is a few large white pillar candles, oversized candle holders, some votive candles, and lots and lots of glass or plastic faceted beads (plastic is cheaper, but glass will look nicer).

For a large centerpiece, set up your candles, candleholders, and glass "diamonds" as pictured here (I think the key to getting the lighting and effect right is the little votive candles distributed among all the sparkle). But you can also do a smaller centerpiece with this same theme, using fewer candles or candles of different sizes.

Buy your components ahead of time, and spend an afternoon playing around with different combinations for the best wedding candle centerpieces for your wedding.

2. Creative Frame, Flower, and Wedding Candle Centerpiece

picture-frame-candle-centerpiece.jpgI love this idea for a candle and flower centerpiece! It's super creative and simple, and it has a wonderful casual feel that makes it elegant but understated. It's also adaptable to lots of different kinds of flowers and different colors, which makes it perfect for just about any wedding theme.

How to Make this Centerpiece: The trick to this special wedding centerpiece? An old picture frame! This one is a simple antiqued wooden frame-- the kind of thing you can find at any thrift store or make yourself with supplies from a craft store. Be sure to get one with high sides-- the deeper and more dramatic the frame, the better.

Cut a piece of florists foam to fit the interior of the frame, fill with flowers of your choice (there are plenty of budget flower options for a cheap candle centerpiece), and place votive or tealight candles among the flowers.

Cheap, easy, homemade... and so pretty and elegant, this wedding candle centerpiece will look like it cost a fortune.

3. Bold Flower and Floating Candle Wedding Centerpiece

pretty-cheap-floating-candle-centerpiece.jpgThis is another idea for an inexpensive centerpiece that packs a visual punch. After all, you need nothing more expensive or difficult than a single flower to get that punch of bold color.

How to Make this Centerpiece: This is one of those simple wedding candle centerpieces that you can throw together in about five minutes. The components look great together, but are nothing more complicated than:

  • A simple clear glass vase with a wide mouth (this one's from Ikea)
  • Clear or colored glass beads
  • Floating candles
  • A wide, bold-colored flower (this one's a zinnia)
Keep enough stem on the flower to allow the beads at the bottom of the centerpiece to anchor it in place. Cover with water, add your floating candles, and you've got a pretty and simple floating candle centerpiece that'll look great on every table. For an extra nice touch, surround the centerpiece with votive candles and rose petals.

4. Tropical Flowers and Candle Centerpiece Idea

tropical-luau-candles-centerpiece.jpgI love the look of the casual, glowing centerpiece for a beach wedding, or even a luau party (who says you only want fancy centerpieces at weddings?). It's understated and simple, which gives it a touch of elegance. But the candles and pale flowers combine to create something really beautiful.

How to Make this Centerpiece: This is another one of those wedding candle centerpieces that's all about simplicity: it's easy to put together! This one is just made with a ton of candles in clear glass containers, all of varying sizes. All around the candles are spread white-and-yellow plumeria blossoms (hence the tropical feel!).

Keeping this Centerpiece Low-Budget: Unless you actually are in Hawaii, plumeria isn't necessarily a cheap flower to buy in bulk. A lower-budget version of this pretty candle centerpiece is to use white rose petals or mum daisies.

5. Orchid and Floating Candle Centerpiece

orchid-floating-candle-centerpiece-wedding.jpgThis is another pretty wedding candle centerpiece idea using tropical flowers... but that doesn't mean it only works for a beachy wedding! This bright and fun centerpiece would be pretty for any casual-toned wedding. And it's easy to put together, too.

How to Make this Centerpiece: When putting together this centerpiece, you can choose whether to do a large centerpiece display, like the one pictured here, or a single centerpiece (or small grouping). For each of the floating candle elements, you'll need a straight-sided clear vase, a bundle of bright orchids, and a large floating candle.

Place the orchids in the vase, cover with water, and place your candle on top. The best part? This is one of the wedding candle centerpieces that can mostly be assembled ahead of time, as the water will preserve the flowers for hours.

6. Bridal Bouquet Candle Centerpiece

This is one of the best uses for a bridal bouquet that I've ever seen! Don't just lay your beautiful bouquet on the table during the reception... use it as decoration.

How to Make this Centerpiece: This simple wedding candle centerpiece is just a square vase placed on a mirror, surrounded by votive candles. You already have the bouquet... what could be simpler?

Want to make this centerpiece work for all of your tables at your wedding reception? Than simply fill each vase with a bound bouquet of roses. Or, if you're planning a really small wedding on a really small budget, borrow the bridesmaids' bouquets for the table centerpieces!

7. Dramatic Red Rose and Floating Candle Centerpiece

red-and-white-valentines-centerpiece-wedding.jpgLooking for a romantic, dramatic wedding candle centerpiece for a Valentine's wedding, or just because you love a bit of drama? This one is gorgeous, relatively easy, and over-the-top romantic. There's nothing understated about this one... just as there's nothing understated about some of the beautiful brides out there.

How to Make this Centerpiece: This is one of those wedding candle centerpieces that looks a lot more involved than it really it. The central piece is a tall, clear vase filled with a branch of orchids (you could also opt for any blooming branch, such as cherry or orange blossoms, or leave the vase empty to keep it simple) and topped with a floating candle.

All around are laid tons and tons of red rose petals, with simple votive candles tucked in among them. To complete each centerpiece? A small silver-colored glass is filled with a big red rose (use florists foam to get the same effect you see here).

Gorgeous, dramatic, and a lot of fun. This is one of those centerpieces that might get the groom thinking all night about the honeymoon!

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