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What is Pinot Grigio:
All About Pinot Grigio Wines

If you're learning about wine, answering the question "what is pinot grigio" might not be that simple. It's a dry white wine popular in the US, sure... but what else do you know about pinot grigio?

You may have heard about the bad name associated with this popular wine. But I'm here today to explain to you how a good Pinot Grigio can lead to as great a tasting experience as any of its more sophisticated and rare cousins. But before we begin praising the outcast of the wine world, let us peel back the skin of this grape and offer some facts to dispel anything you've heard through the grapevine.

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What is Pinot Grigio Really Like?

Pinot Grigio Wine in a GlassPinot Grigio is a dry white wine produced from the grape varietal commonly grown and exported from Italy, which is the biggest producer of this wine. Pinot grigio is also widely produced in places like California, Oregon, and even in France, where it's know as pinot gris.

This white wine is dry, with various fruit notes. Generally a lighter, white wine, pinot grigio is traditionally straw-hued with a dash of golden. Due to the high acidity content of the grape, Pinot Grigio doesn't compliment fruit based or tomato based recipes very well although it is a perfect companion to pastas and seafood.

Read on for some details on the flavor of this wine.

Pinot Grigio Grapes

When learning what is pinot grigio in the wine world, you've got to look a the grapes. And when it comes to the grapes, the name of this wine will tell you a lot.

The term "Pinot" roughly equates to "pine cone" in Italian, a testament to the shape the clusters take upon growing. The word "Grigio" essentially means "grey" which is descriptive of the traditional grayish color of the grapes.

Types of Pinot Grigio Wine

The pinot grigio grape is customarily grown in Italy, specifically the northern region of Trentino-Alto Adige. However, in recent years the popularity of the wine has led to planting of vineyards in France as well as the western half of the Americas-- especially California and Oregon.

American Pinot Grigio

The varieties grown in America are very crisp and known for being more robust in both scent and flavor and can contain subtle hints of pear, melon, or other fruity variants while possessing a very smooth viscosity as if you were drinking liquid cashmere.

Italian Pinot Grigio

What is pinot grigio like in Italy? In its home country, this wine is light-bodied and acidic. It has a delicate flavor. The higher end wines tend to be more intense.

French Pinot Gris

France is probably one of the smaller pinot grigio/gris producers in the world, but it's also one of the best. French pinot gris is richer and more full-bodied than California or Italian Pinots.

Pinot Grigio's Reputation in the Wine World

Anyone care for a glass of Pinot Grigio? Now say that three times, each one with an increasingly pronounced vociferousness. Now take a look around you and bask in the knowledge that you have effectively warded off all of the wine snobs in close proximity.

That's right: Pinot Grigio is to Wine Snobs what OFF! Is to mosquitoes. Because of the large popularity of Pinot Grigio, most wine connoisseurs tend to look down on the wine like an Aristocrat would a peasant, even though the wine itself is just as wonderfully pleasing to the palette as any other dry white wine. Over six million cases of Pinot Grigio are produced annually, with America consuming 1/12th of the annual production yield of the variety.

Choosing Pinot Grigio Wine

What is pinot grigio wine, in the end? All in all, Pinot Grigio is an excellent choice for any wine aficionado whose quest for a delectable, palate-pleasing wine outweighs their care for others' opinions of their wine choice.

If you want to simultaneously remove wine snobs from a crowd while partaking of a silky, fruity white wine, then look no further. And if you want to dispel any rumors floating around about the wine, simply hold a blind wine tasting session and watch in glee as your guests' faces light up with the discovery that this wine --a wine they have ducked and dodged for years-- is now a new favorite.

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