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What Should I Make for Easter Dinner:
Ideas for the Perfect Easter Dinner

It is the question on so many cook's minds as warmth creeps into the spring days – what should I make for Easter dinner? With the family gathering together, you probably want a great meal that will look equally fabulous on heirloom china or kid-friendly paper plates. This holiday is a wonderful time to reach out for foods you might not cook all the time, but not for those dishes you've never tried to make before. Leave the experimental cooking for nights when ordering pizza will be an option for mistakes.
But... "what should I make for Easter dinner?" is a question with a different answer for every home chef. So how do you answer it?

You'll find lots of good ideas for Easter dinner right here on this page. But I've got a whole page chock-full of Easter dinner and party planning resources right here. You'll want to try:

Planning Your Menu: Traditional or Non-Traditional?

Many people have a menu built from trusted recipes that have served them well for years. Other cooks are busy creating new food traditions or sprucing up the tried and true menus from years past. Picking a traditional or nontraditional menu is a first step in narrowing down your options.

Budget Saving Tip!

Decorative Easter EggMany of these traditional Easter dishes came to the table because it was what was available during the season. Global transit has changed what we can get, but consider making your menu more locally sourced. Check out what is available in your area and use those ingredients to build your menu. This trick has the added benefit of keeping your menu less expensive.

Traditional Easter Menus

Traditional fare can be broken down by kind of dish... and it will help you to get a handle on the wide possibilities before you. When deciding "what should I make for Easter dinner" for an average sized family, you should pick a main dish, two to three side dishes, a bread, and a dessert. If you have more than a few people, consider asking guests to contribute dishes.

Don't be afraid to ask for help or contributions! Remember that doing fewer things well will be more impressive than doing too many dishes only so-so!

Traditional Main Dishes: If you're looking at a traditional menu, the answer to "what should I make for Easter dinner" is often pork (like ham) or lamb. Why? Because these meats have traditionally been available around Easter. Don't get stuck thinking a ham is the only thing that will do. Reach out to include pork roast recipes or ground lamb as possible for your dinner table.

Traditional Side Dishes: Side dishes are meant to compliment your center stage dish and might include green bean or pea salad, beets, potatoes (used to be stored through the winter), early spinach, asparagus, sugar snap peas, carrots, LINK and tender lettuce.

Traditional Easter Breads: Breads can vary widely but often include seeds, nuts, corn and early harvest fruits like peaches. Light and airy breads served with honey butter are always welcome at the Easter table.

Traditional Easter Desserts: Dessert dishes often focus on the early harvested fruits like raspberries or the sweet aspect of vegetables like carrots for moist rich carrot cake. Keep it simple by tossing strawberries or fruit in yogurt and topping with crunchy toasted almonds. When you're thinking of traditional Easter desserts, think of spring flavors!

Appetizers, etc. "What should I make for Easter dinner" is a question that covers more than just the main meal. The question really includes what you serve your guests before, during and after the main meal.

Consider offering your guests a light appetizer to ease hungry stomachs. A quick and easy appetizer like smoky chicken spread, deviled eggs, blue cheese dip with crudites, or apricots with walnuts will keep hungry hands out of your main dishes. This will also keep friends and family out from under your feet as you prepare the rest of the meal.

Ideas for Going Less Traditional

But old traditions don't have to guide your Easter meal. You can choose a meal that honors the family that will be gathering together. Select family favorites from your recipe files or ask family members to send their best recipes in each of the main categories.

Don't forget appetizers! If these family recipes aren't exactly what you want or you would just like to add your own touch, try updating the recipes to focus on seasonal vegetables, regional cuisine or even a trip around the world at Easter in food.

Different nationalities celebrate Easter with meals that might offer your family unbelievable variety and great conversation starters. Even meals that represent Easter colors (red, white, green, purple, yellow, black, orange, and pink) might be fun for Easter dinner.

To make a memorable meal, decide ahead of time whether your meal will follow a theme, be traditional, or involve family members. Establish these ideas first, and you will always know the answer to "what should I make for Easter dinner?"

Find more answers to "what should I make for Easter dinner" at my Easter Dinner Recipes and Planning Central!

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