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What Should I Put in an Easter Basket...?
Creative Easter Baskets!

Think of Easter and you are likely to struggle with this question: What should I put in an Easter basket?
Creative Childrens Easter Basket Idea
Picking just the right items will create a gift that will light up the little faces in your family... so it is important to get it just right.

There are some great ideas here for creative Easter baskets for children. But you'll also find some interesting Easter basket ideas on this page!

You can also learn how to make your own chocolate Easter eggs or homemade Easter candy here!

Easter Basket Themes for Every Age

Is "what should I put in an Easter basket?" a difficult question to answer? Well, one easy way to reduce the stress of creating the perfect Easter basket by picking a theme for each child. Pre-made Easter baskets for children and teens often include themes like sports, comic book heroes, cartoon characters or the latest TV show. But your themes do not need to be limited... after all, you're the one who knows your children best!

Easter Baskets for Babies and Preschool Aged Children

Younger kids' Easter baskets can be problematic. What do you put in a baby's Easter basket when they can't eat candy? Even babies can have treats like fruit snacks and bananas. Small travel containers for a kid friendly snack will be very nice additions to young children's or babies' baskets.

Looking for more than toys? Small baby items are often getting lost, it's a good idea to use this year's Easter basket to replace lost pacifiers, soft washcloths, teething toys and stuffed animals. Include a soft fabric or board book to share with the kids.

Is your child preschool aged and you're wondering "what should I put in an Easter basket?" Some Easter basket themes that work well for preschool age children include:

  • ABC's basket
  • Colors of the rainbow
  • Wildlife or farm toy basket
  • Construction basket
  • Playing dress up basket
  • Space exploration basket
  • Cars and trains basket

Easter Baskets for Young Kids

When children get a little older, it gets a bit easier to answer "what should I put in an Easter basket." For kids ages 5-10 you can really rely on a child's interests to guide your Easter basket themes. Some good examples might be: Storybook Themed Easter Basket for Children

  • Video games
  • Cartoon or TV characters
  • Horses or other animals
  • Storybook basket
  • Board or outdoor games
  • Fun school supplies
  • Coloring books and art

Easter Baskets for Older Kids and Teens

If you're putting together an Easter basket for your own child or a child that you know well, then you can pick a theme that has their interest the most this year, such as a favorite band, game, TV show, or sport. Another fun and classic Easter basket theme is to pick a child's favorite color and go wild.

Art Supply Teen Easter Basket
Teens get less excited about the little things, and "what should I put in an Easter basket" is a question that's harder to answer when you've got teenaged kids. For a teen Easter basket, you'll generally want to focus themes on music, movies, pop culture, social issues that concern them or artwork that inspires them. Tuck these among fruit and healthy snack bars for growing bodies, and not too many sugary snacks.

Some good Easter basket themes for teens and older kids include:

  • Art and photography
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Sports
  • Book series
  • DVDs and video games

You can also find more ideas for creative things to put in a teen or older child's Easter basket here.

Easter Baskets for Adults

Grown-ups' Easter baskets can be particularly challenging, but picking a theme based on the recipient's hobbies or activities will make it just right. Movie baskets can include DVDs, popcorn and passes for the movie theatre. Divas will enjoy fabulous sunglasses, gift certificates to a spa, and tickets to a play. Use a person's hobby to get small items like glue, small tools or sewing notions from craft stores. Wine drinkers might enjoy wine bottle toppers or a picnic basket with wine glasses and a nice bottle of wine. Other basket themes for adults can focus on coffee, gardening or technology.

Can't figure out what should I put in an Easter basket for an adult? If all else fails, fill a basket with flowers or plants. These sort of gifts always go over well.

More Ideas for Easter Basket Items

What should I put in an Easter basket? Start with these basket bests:

  • Activity pads, coloring books, crayons and colored pencils
  • Toothbrushes that fold for travel or are unique
  • Hair care including new brushes, barrettes or hair bands
  • Stuffed animals, dolls, or larger figure toys like trains
  • Hand puppets
  • Flower seed packets, a small set of gardening tools and gardening gloves
  • Hats for both boys and girls
  • Lip balm and sunscreen
  • Homemade candies or that special treat they rarely get
  • Storybooks or age appropriate reading books
  • Small bouncing balls or inflatable beach balls
  • Bubbles and bubble wands
  • Puzzles and brain teasers
  • Sunglasses
  • Movies
  • Fresh flowers
  • Games for TV and handheld systems
  • Music CDs or even a handpicked series of songs on a CD mix
  • Easter eggs
  • Chocolate gold coins

Whatever you pick, a bit of theme will give you focus to answer the question: What should I put in an Easter basket? You'll find a more comprehensive list at my Easter Basket Ideas page.

Choosing the Easter Basket Itself

A theme will help you pick from the different baskets available in every shape, size, material and color. Look outside the Easter aisle for reusable and unique basket choices. Choose a sand pail for your sunny beach basket theme or a plastic tub for an art themed basket. Flower pots will plant your gardener's basket firmly. For the ultimate in useful baskets you can use a toy storage container.

No Easter basket is complete without grass to hold those precious items. Easter grass comes in a variety of colors to go with your theme or you can use an alternative to plastic grasses. Some of the best substitute grasses can be the real thing. Use sprouted rye grass seeds for bringing your basket to life. Other alternatives include cotton candy, lettuce leaves, cloth, shredded paper, loose building blocks, colored tissue paper, peanuts in the shell and plain popcorn.

Still wondering "what should I put in an Easter basket?" You can never go wrong by thinking creatively and fine-tuning your ideas to what your kids love best.

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